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Don’t ignore our young healthcare workers

Medical interns and postgraduates have traditionally occupied the lowest rungs in the hierarchy of training. From an academic standpoint, this seems fair and in congruence with any professional training pathway. Unfortunately, decades of exploitation of this structure have resulted in a system that is indifferent at best and malignant at...

The PLA Insight: Issue No 100

I. The Big Story: China-India Brief The Hindu reports a minor face-off between Chinese and Indian troops in the no-patrolling zone at Galwan Valley, Eastern Ladakh. This reportedly happened in the first week of May 2021. It is the same area where the two sides clashed on June 15, 2020, resulting in the deaths of...

Should India Sign the Artemis Accords?

The Artemis Accords are a mechanism by which countries can participate in NASA’s Artemis Programme. The programme envisages landing the first woman and the next man on the Moon. NASA thinks international partnerships will play a key role in achieving a sustainable presence on the Moon. NASA likely sees this...

MisDisMal-Information Edition 41: Of Spaghetti on the wall, one nation one internet, fact(un)checked

This is an excerpt from Edition 41 of MisDisMal-Information For the complete edition, go to: Of Spaghetti on the wall, one nation one internet, fact(un)checked – MisDisMal-Information Newsletter ( Not spaghetti on the wall In a study titled ‘Combining interventions to reduce the spread of viral misinformation’, a team comprising Joseph B. Bak-Coleman, Ian Kennedy,...

India’s gamble on China failed in Ladakh. But there’s a new risk worth taking

The deadlock on military de-escalation in Ladakh continues. It might turn out to be another example of China’s perfidy. India has had sufficient historical experience with China’s use of agreements for buying time and deceiving us. The 2018 agreement for defusing the crisis in Doklam and its subsequent military occupation of the...

Takshashila Discussion Document – The Long March 5b Incidents

Download the Discussion Document as a PDF Executive Summary The launch of the Tianhe module of China’s Tiangong-3 space station was followed by two incidents of note One, immediately after the separation of the module from the core stage, both made close pass to the International Space Station, sparking speculation...

Focus on getting on most of India vaccinated as quickly as possible

Let’s say a Mr Melon Rusk, one of the world’s richest billionaires, approaches the Indian government and makes an offer to deliver 2 billion doses of a covid vaccine within 2 months for ₹2 trillion. At ₹1,000 per dose, Mr Rusk’s price is at least three times that of domestic...

Blaming the government’s pandemic response? Do it for the right reasons

The Union government has received a lot of flak over its management of the pandemic response, and deservedly so. But I want to look at three incorrect — or at least problematic — frames being used to blame the government’s pandemic response, inadequate and confused as it already is. The...

MisDisMal-Information Edition 40: Of Voice, Loyalty, Sticks, Flag-elation, Flagellation and Seeing Clearly

This is an excerpt from Edition 40 of MisDisMal-Information For the complete edition, go to: Of Voice, Loyalty, Sticks, Flag-elation, Flagellation and Seeing Clearly – MisDisMal-Information Newsletter ( Voice, Loyalty and Stick The situation in Gaza is quite grim. Even with the ceasefire, there’s no way around that. One thing that has been...

The PLA Insight: Issue Number 99

China-India Brief; China in the Space (Mars and Moon); SCS; Taiwan; Tibet Elections and White Paper;  PLAN in 2035; PLA’s Pandemic Diplomacy; HQ-9 I. The Big Story: China-India Brief In an interview with New18, India’s Army Chief Gen M.M. Narvane said that the situation along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) post the...
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