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Are Government’s New Schemes For Semiconductors Enough To Make India Atmanirbhar?

The carnage witnessed across industries over the shortage of chips has spotlighted the need to establish a robust semiconductor ecosystem in India. Several sectors, including electronics, auto and medical technology, have been severely hit by the scarcity of chips that are manufactured mainly in East Asia. Against this backdrop, the...

Watch On Japan #30

Here is a brief on the biweekly (16th- 31st, Dec.). The finance chiefs of the G7 nations vowed vigilance over key issues stemming up due to pandemic in an online meeting South Korea expresses willingness to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership Japan and the US are to hold a 2+2 foreign...

It’s In India’s National Interest To Promote Open Source Software

Over the past month, hundreds of thousands of developers and IT managers around the planet have been working over weekends and holidays to fix a vulnerability in Log4j, an otherwise boring piece of software found in millions of computer servers, from those owned by giants like Apple and Twitter to...

चिनी कुरापतींचा ‘गृहोद्योग’

भारताच्या सीमाभागात चीनने हजारो घरे बांधली आहेत. यामागे कुरापतखोरी आहे; त्याचप्रमाणे आक्रमक विस्तारवाद आहे. यातील काही घरे भारताच्या भूमीवर आहेत का, हे अजून समजलेले नाही. यावर भारताचे उत्तर काय, हेही अद्याप स्पष्ट झालेले नाही. Read more in Maharashtra Times

Takshashila Intelligence Estimate – Russia – Ukraine Tensions: Assessing Risks for India

Download the Intelligence Estimate as a PDF Key Judgments • The recent Russian military build-up on Ukraine’s border is likely to be a coercive ‘threat in being’ meant to apply pressure on the US and NATO. An overt kinetic conflict involving Russian and Ukrainian forces is unlikely in the next...

Omicron: Clinically Milder But Potentially Deadlier

There has been a sudden surge in Covid cases across the country in the past few days. This increase can be attributed to the newest Covid-19 variant: Omicron. Ignorance, misconception, and a delay in response could result in India’s even more fatal third wave. With India still reeling from the effects...

Assessing GoI’s Four Schemes for Building a Semiconductor Ecosystem

The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), GoI, notified four separate schemes for building a semiconductor ecosystem in India on 21st December 2021, six days after the union cabinet approved the much-awaited ‘comprehensive program for the development of a sustainable semiconductor and display ecosystem’. We had analysed the press...

Technopolitik #16

Read the full edition and subscribe here Antriksh Matters: Russia’s in Cooperative Mood on Space Stations — Aditya Pareek Despite the ubiquity of remotely operated space vehicles, inhabited orbital stations remain a symbol of prestige and scientific endeavour. In Russia’s case, much of its spacefaring tradition is tied to its...

2021 brought two challenges for India. Distrust in global diplomacy and disunity at home

That so much is happening so fast in India’s strategic sphere seems an understatement. The year 2021 witnessed an acceleration of certain trends that had been underway for over a decade. Amidst the swirling clouds of geopolitical frictions at global, regional, and domestic levels fear fuelled by uncertainty emerges as...

The Information Ecologist #55

This is an excerpt from The Information Ecologist 54. For the complete edition go to: Of shrinking roads from fear to hate, effects of ‘Votes’App groups, and national security by platform ( Effects of Party Whats(votes?)App Groups 53: Participatory dysfunction was based on a paper about coordinated efforts across platforms to manipulate Twitter’s trends...
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