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Ladakh didn’t work out for China. It will now drive a wedge between Quad partners

This article originally appeared in ThePrint. You can read it here. In the contemporary global geopolitical landscape, China has evoked more fear than hope. It has displayed an impressive capacity for political organisation to pursue its objectives. After nearly three decades of resting hopes on a China that will be...

The current national minimum wage of Rs 176 per day must be revised upward

This article was first published in Free Press Journal President Joe Biden’s administration was able to push through a major corona-relief fiscal package this month. It is worth $1.9 trillion and includes another round of $1,400 in stimulus cheques for every American, $350 billion to states and local governments as...

How India and Israel can lead the way on 5G collaboration

Despite the evident opportunities, 5G deployment globally hasn’t been without challenges. Superpower competition, costly infrastructure, and slow application development are holding back development. India and Israel can, together, leverage their strengths to collaborate in areas such application development, building networks of trust, and future research and development and unleash the...

Eye on China: LAC Caution – Xi’s Cadre Control – Human Rights – Xinjiang Sanctions – Chinese Views on US Policy – Lavrov’s Visit – Tibet Policy

Eye on China is a weekly newsletter that covers news and developments related to China from an Indian interests perspective. I. India-China Ties Let’s begin with reports of the next round of Corps Commander-level talks that are likely to take place this week. Shishir Gupta reports that the talks are “expected to...

Vaccinate people in areas worst affected by COVID’s second wave

This article was first published The Mint. You can read the original piece here. In the past month, we have learnt two things about the pandemic. First, that relaxed behaviour by previously better-protected populations across the country is causing a surge in new coronavirus infections; and second, that the speed...

Hand Me the Paper #8

You can subscribe to the newsletter here. I do a fair bit of reading. I read 52 books last year and am doing it again this year. Starting this year, I also plan on reading more academic papers around tech and policy. Recording my readings and (sometimes, observations + annotated copies on this newsletter)....

The PLA Insight: Issue Number 91

China-India Brief; China-Philippines Standoff; Taiwan and China; No Military Parade @ 100; PLA Professionalism; Testimony; PLA RF Survival Exercise I. The Big Story: China-India Brief The 11th round of Corps Commander-level meeting, which is due since the disengagement at Pangong Tso, is expected to be held in the upcoming week, reports India Today. Two sides will discuss the...

MisDisMal-Information Edition 34

This is an excerpt from Edition 34 of MisDisMal-Information:  For the complete edition, go to:  Of Hex, Lies and (not just)Video deepfakes – MisDisMal-Information Newsletter ( Of Hex, Lies and (not just)Video deepfakes Hex, Big Lies and Consequential facts Warning: This portion contains some spoilers for Disney’s WandaVision. After the events of Avenger’s...

Why did India close Jalalabad consulate?

This article was first published in Deccan Herald. In a sudden and surprising development in March last year, India closed its consulates in Jalalabad and Herat. Jalalabad is 65 km from the Torkham border crossing with Pakistan, and Herat about 120 km from Iran. Though there was no official statement,...

Eye on China: Austin’s India Visit – The Anchorage Dialogue – 2021 Economic Data – Party History – Tech Vision & Scrutiny – Vaccine Diplomacy

A weekly bulletin offering news and analysis related to the Middle Kingdom from an Indian interests perspective. I. Austin’s India Visit Let’s begin with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III’s visit to India. This comes after the US held 2+2 talks in Tokyo and Seoul. Austin is the...
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