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Will the Quad Tangle with the O-RAN Alliance?

While China and Huawei may have won the 5G race, all is definitely not lost for those looking to reduce their dependencies on the Chinese telecom infrastructure. Technology was a major area of focus during the first in-person summit held in the United States. The Quad has already created a working...

The regulation of social media can be an opportunity for India

This article was originally published in The Mint China gives us an estimate of how many people you need to effectively monitor content on the internet. The Great Firewall employs over 100,000 people to prevent around a billion Chinese internet users from accessing content Beijing considers undesirable. That is one censor...

The Quad Makes the First Siliconpolitik Move

Summary An earlier paper on ‘Siliconpolitik: The Case for a Quad Semiconductor Partnership’ made a detailed case for a Quad partnership on semiconductors. It argued that the Quad’s technology cooperation agenda should focus on semiconductors due to their ‘metacriticality’. Further, it reasoned that “since each Quad member enjoys a comparative advantage in...

Fantasy sport, Karnataka’s online gambling ban, and what policymaking gets wrong

Over the past few years, online fantasy sport (OFS) in India have gone from being a rather shady area of niche interest to becoming ubiquitous, so much so that a fantasy sport platform, Dream 11, was the title sponsor of IPL 2020. Indeed, the IPL viewing experience has changed significantly...

New cities – more jobs

As we drive out of the city, we leave the hustle and bustle behind. There is no more of the incessant honking, the jostling, the sight of beggars, as we quickly turn our eyes away from them and peer into our phones. Ugly buildings and garish shop signs stay behind...

Emigration – Can India fill the world’s vacancies?

Overview Many developed countries in Europe and Asia have an ageing population and a shortage of skilled people to fill vacancies in the workforce. India has a very young population with over 18 million people reaching the age of 18 each year. Can we find ways to encourage and facilitate...

On Semiconductors, India Needs to Reboot Trade Policies, Ecosystem to Build a TSMC

Talks have accelerated between India and Taiwan to build a state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing unit in the country. Reports have indicated that officials from both sides have met regularly to discuss the possible outcomes of Taiwan investing in a fabrication facility in India. The Taiwanese government and its major foundries, which...

I could serve the Indian Army thanks to IAF ‘bounce’ party 50 years ago

The 1971 War gifted the 49th Regular Course at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, three additional months of commissioned service. Our commissioning was advanced to 31 March 1972, instead of June that year, to make up for the war causalities. The losses had bequeathed the benefit of early commissioning to...

MisDisMal-Information 51: Of reading between the lines in the Facebook files

This is an excerpt from Edition 51 of MisDisMal-Information For the complete edition, go to: Of reading between the lines in the Facebook files, Rus(sia)hing to decisions – by Prateek Waghre – MisDisMal-Information ( Reading between the lines of the Facebook Files This is not an in-depth summary of all the possible...

How China manufactured nationalism in triumph over Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s return

“If faith has colour, it must be China Red,” said 49-year-old Meng Wenzhou, after returning to China after almost three years. Triumph in her speech and nationalism in the air around her couldn’t have been more evident. Meng Wanzhou, Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Huawei, returned to China on 25...
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