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The Gold Standard | Stability and interventions

Good friend Srinivas Thiruvadanthai (of Levy Forecasting) recommended that I read Ashwin Parameswaran’s post in his ‘macroresilience’ blog. Indeed, it is a perceptive post and it requires careful reading. I recommend that post. These are my thoughts on reading that post: Shorn of all the complexity, it makes the simple...

The Broad Mind | The problem with real estate taxation

by S Karthik I spent a year working in an India-focused high frequency trading hedge fund. I used to trade equities and equity derivatives there. We were primarily an arbitrage hedge fund, and our aim was to make money by trading on assets that were mispriced, in order to make...

Acorn | Karzai’s tightrope

Pakistan’s opposition to an autonomous Afghanistan is the problem My op-ed in the Wall Street Journal Asia‘s symposium (Nov 15th, 2011): As the Obama administration pushes for an earlier drawdown of U.S. troops, Kabul must quickly take responsibility for maintaining internal stability and charting an independent foreign policy. We asked...

Pragmatic | The only accounatable interface with the state

Much-despised Members of Parliament for the vast multitude of India’s masses Today is the third consecutive day when the winter session of the parliament has been stalled. Of course, this is appalling and reflects poorly on our parliament and parliamentarians. On a lighter note, it is still not as bad...

The Asian Balance: Dealing with a vulnerable China

China’s external, economic and ethnic vulnerabilities are worsening Here’s today’s Asian Balance column in Business Standard. This may come as a surprise to many, but China today is at its most vulnerable since the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. That’s not all; it is unlikely that the country will shake...

Acorn | Managing economic ties with China

How can the India-China relationship be used for mutual benefit Here’s a discussion with Ajit Ranade on how China’s surplus foreign exchange reserves and India’s long-term fund requirement can complement each other. Tweet...

The Broad Mind | Step on the gas.

If we need to reduce our dependence on coal, and if nuclear energy struggles to find acceptance,  what are the other options open to us to expand our base-load power capacity? Well, natural gas can fill that void. Gas turbine plants that burn natural gas have been around for a...

The Asian Balance: Myanmar’s Narasimha Rao moment?

A pleasant surprise from the east This is the unedited draft of today’s column in the Business Standard: In a matter of months, Myanmar’s infamous junta diluted itself out of power, a new ‘elected’ government took office, duly freed pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest, lifted some...

The Broad Mind | So how many Indian kids complete school?

What do the Barro-Lee data really say about educational attainment in India by Siddharth Vij Yesterday, Nitin Pai linked to a blog post comparing educational attainment in India and Pakistan using numbers from the Barro-Lee (BL) dataset (available for free download on Understandably, Nitin was mortified by some of...
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