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Neither is Russia a reliable friend nor is US a fickle one. Nation-states have semi-permanent interests.

The Print’s daily roundtable TalkPoint posed a question connected to the Indian PM’s France visit: Modi-Macron embrace: Does India have permanent friends or is every alliance strategic? My response: There are no friends, let alone permanent friends when it comes to international relations. Anthropomorphism in international conduct can lead us to incorrect assumptions...

On Trump’s Kashmir comment

ThePrint’s daily roundtable Talkpoint posed a question related to PM Modi’s conversation with US President Trump on the latter’s offer to mediate on the Kashmir issue. The question was: Is PM Modi allowing Trump to play policeman in India-Pakistan tensions over Kashmir? My response: Policeman is an incorrect metaphor to use. The act...

Why Xi won’t be sending the PLA to quell Hong Kong protests

The eleven-week-long protest movement in Hong Kong has reached a critical phase. Earlier this week, thousands of protesters converged on the city’s airport, paralysing operations and disrupting nearly 1,000 flights. The airport was finally cleared on Thursday after clashes between riot police and the protesters. The scenes of chaos played...

America’s Arctic Adventure

          American officials are making noises about carrying out a freedom of navigation operation in the Russian-controlled Northern Sea Route. Any such action will only serve to provoke Russia and backfire against America.     From the dark of orbital space, satellites are sending back images...

An Indian Stance on External Democracy Support

My remarks at the Towards an Assertive Policy on India’s External Democracy Support roundtable organised jointly by ORF and Takshashila in Bengaluru on 12th July 2019 The question posed to me was: what do you think/perceive of India’s record in strengthening and promoting democracy in its region and across other parts of...

Third Rome: A (Very) Brief History of Russia and Georgia

Over the last two weeks, Georgians have been out on the streets in possibly the largest wave of protests in the country’s recent history. And, like with so many former Soviet Republics, these protests are directed at Russia. In this week’s Third Rome, I aim to understand the history of this region...

SCO 2019: hits and misses for India

After winning re-election, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) for his first multilateral engagement. India has used the 2019 Bishkek summit to balance its approach between conflicting interests of the US and China. It stands to gain from the SCO’s peace process in Afghanistan, the...

Third Rome: Understanding Syria with Graph Theory

The Syrian civil war is coming to a close, and it looks like Russia – er, Assad – has won. According to the Military Balance 2019, Since 2015, 500 senior Russian officers have cycled through Syria, and nearly 39,000 flight missions have been carried out. Russia’s army has secured combat...

India and Brexit: How New Delhi Can Position Itself to Maximize Benefit

The United Kingdom’s planned exit from the European Union, Brexit, keeps getting messier by the month. It led Theresa May to resign, just like David Cameron before her. It may end up making Boris Johnson the U.K.’s next prime minister, or be the cause of him facing judicial consequences. Brexit also...

Every White House needs a Sarah Sanders, even India’s

The mouthpiece for a country’s premier statesman is occasionally bound to be dumbfounded by the public’s queries. But that can’t be a reason not to have one in a modern democracy. Much of our national discourse revolves around politics and not policy. The issue of where and when the Ram...
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