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One thing India can teach the West is this — you can be a liberal and a nationalist

The origin, development, and consequences of the politics of nationalism in western Europe and the United States have led many in the West, and indeed most of the world, to see nationalism as a bad thing. It is not surprising therefore that an RSS functionary in the United Kingdom advised...

On US President Trump’s India Visit

The Print’s daily roundtable TalkPoint posed a question connected to the US President’s upcoming India visit: Will the spectacle of Trump’s visit without a trade deal boost India-US ties? The US-India relationship over the last four years has been a case of one step forward, two steps backward. The convergence of the threat...

No need to panic. ‘Westlessness’ just means world without West’s dominance, not its ideas

If Westlessness is to mean the shifting of the global balance of power away from the victors of a world war fought 75 years ago, then yes, it is both objectively true and, from India’s perspective, quite desirable. The composition of the United Nations Security Council is not only outdated...

Technology is set to be the main front in the US-China trade war

Despite the fanfare, the phase 1 agreement that the US and China signed last week does not represent a truce in the ongoing trade “war”. It is not even a temporary ceasefire, as tariffs mostly remain in place and there is no indication how or when they will be lifted....

Expect China to intensify pressure campaign after Tsai Ing-wen’s victory

Cross-strait ties are likely to get far more frosty, with serious implications for the security dynamic in East Asia, after Tsai Ing-wen’s victory in Taiwan’s presidential election. In many ways, Saturday’s was a historic election. Nearly 75 percent of the 19.31 million eligible voters cast their ballot, with Tsai bagging...

Book Review: Do Ideals Matter for Foreign Policymaking?

Values in Foreign Policy: Investing Ideals and Interests Edited by: Krishnan Srinivasan, James Mayall, Sanjay Pulipaka Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pages: 269 What better time to discuss a subject when everyone seems to be ruing the absence of it. From that angle alone, this anthology “Values in Foreign Policy: Investigating...

Citizenship Law and NRC Issue can Strain India’s Ties With its Most Important Neighbour — Bangladesh

The Print’s daily roundtable TalkPoint posed a question connected to the foreign policy implications of the Citizenship Amendment Bill and the National Register of Indian Citizens: CAB, NRC, Kashmir: Is Modi govt damaging India’s diplomatic standing for domestic politics?  ‘Neighbourhood first’ was supposed to be the guiding principle of Modi government’s foreign policy....

4 Lessons for India From China’s October 2019 Military Parade

With the People’s Republic of China (PRC) marking its 70th founding anniversary on October 1, the grand military parade at Tiananmen Square was the highlight of the celebrations. It showcased China’s newer arms, ammunition, and technology. Over 15,000 personnel, 160 aircraft, and 580 pieces of military equipment participated in the military parade,...

Subcontinent is not ‘India’s own backyard’. Neighbours will continue to pursue foreign policies independently

The Print’s daily roundtable TalkPoint posed a question connected to the new Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s India visit: With strong leaders like Rajapaksa, Hasina, Oli, is India losing dominance in South Asia? My response: Strong leaders or not, these sovereign South Asian states will continue to pursue their independent foreign policies based...

India will be watching the new Rajapaksa regime closely

Sri Lanka’s geo-strategic location will continue to attract foreign powers like China and the United States (US) and therefore the tussle between them is likely to be played out in Sri Lanka. In this context, India’s ability to shape Sri Lankan policies will be tested. Moreover, how Gotabaya Rajapaksa engages with...
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