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We must avert an economic disaster due to Covid-19

Indian economy will suffer due to COVID-19, but govt can ease the pain for individuals and firms with decisive and meaningful action now For businesses, the union government should think of delaying GST payments, tax credits, and any other policy that could support employers to keep their staff on board. ...

Modi govt needs to open the JAM for public contributions. PM Cares alone can’t deliver

If containing the coronavirus outbreak is the primary national policy prerogative at this time, a close second is the task of providing relief to those who have been hardest hit by the lockdown. With advances in financial inclusion, reliable identification and mass mobile internet, the so-called JAM or Jan Dhan,...

Why WHO Must be Partly ‘Blamed’ For Coronavirus Global Pandemic

The World Health Organisation (WHO), founded to reduce health risks for all, is facing international criticism for its handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. WHO’s Director-General (DG), Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has been accused of forwarding China’s interest rather than ensuring the containment of the virus through awareness procedures. WHO’s assessment, finally characterised...

Takshashila Discussion Document — COVID-19 Testing Strategy for India

Executive Summary This document proposes “calibrated reopenings” as a means of restoring economic activities in India under the shadow of a Covid-19 outbreak. We suggest continuous ongoing testing in order to gauge the extent of an outbreak in a district. This can then be used to dynamically classify districts into...

Look ahead of the current crisis to plan for an economic revival

Even as we grapple with the anxieties and uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, two things are clear. First, its impact on Indian society will be unprecedented. Second, the crisis will pass, leaving us with the task of recovery, reconstruction and rejuvenation. While much of our management of the coronavirus outbreak...

Takshashila Strategic Assessment — The Economics and Politics of Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response

By Sarthak Pradhan, Sakshi Arora, and Pranay Kotasthane   Download the full Strategic Assessment in PDF     Executive Summary As of March 27th, Pakistan had the largest number of COVID-19 cases in the subcontinent. This outbreak is likely to slow down Pakistan’s economy and increase its dependence on China...

Public sharing of home quarantine addresses a bad idea

This article originally appeared in Deccan Herald On March 24, several WhatsApp groups catering to apartment associations started buzzing with excel files containing addresses of those who were placed under home quarantine. The source was a website run by the Government of Karnataka which contained details for all districts in...

India, Disease, and Global History

The way that India reacts to any macrohistorical trend often determines the course of global history. And yet, as Covid-19 looms over 1.3 billion people, there seems to be little concern about the bungling and misinformation that have surrounded India’s response to the disease. I wrote on Medium about issues...

Is the government doing enough to fight Corona on health & economic fronts?

The events of the past few weeks have served as a grave reminder of the challenges of living in a globalised world. The benefits of globalisation and its impact on human progress can never be understated. However, every once in a while, through global financial crises or through pandemics such...

If India has to control coronavirus pandemic, it must contain 4 other contagions as well

The infodemic and the behavioural contagion feed off each other, and higher levels of social anxiety exacerbate the process. Similarly, the psychological and economic contagions reinforce each other and are in turn amplified by informational, behavioural and viral contagions. The complex interactions among five contagions make it much harder to...
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