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Should You Download Aarogya Setu?

This week of the pandemic has focused significantly on around Aarogya Setu and contact tracing. So much so that during his speech extending the lockdown, PM Modi urged people to download the app. The idea is for the Government to use the app to know where you are and who...

Coronavirus lockdown has given us a blank slate. We can write a new world when it lifts

A fact that strikes my public policy students — mostly working professionals from various backgrounds — quite early in their course is that most of India’s problems are hard to solve because they are log-jammed. The status quo is often a sub-optimal equilibrium, but an equilibrium nevertheless. Even if you...

COVID-19 and Geo-political Implications

It is perhaps too early to judge the scope and long-term impact of COVID-19 on the geopolitical landscape. What is not in doubt, however, is the certainty that there will be global political and strategic effects. Presently, the dominant emotion that runs across the global population is the ascendant fear...

Takshashila Policy Advisory – Covid-19: Towards a National Reopening Strategy for India

Download the Policy Advisory as a PDF. Executive Summary This document proposes “calibrated reopenings” as a means of restoring economic activities in India under the shadow of a Covid-19 outbreak. We suggest continuous ongoing testing in order to gauge the extent of an outbreak in a district. This can then...

The Compound Eye – COVID-19: Transmission, Testing and The Chinese Information Puzzle

Pre-symtomatic transmission of COVID19  A growing body of research suggests that infected individual are contagious for 1-3 days before they show symptoms: A recent study demonstrates people with coronavirus infections may be most contagious one to two days before they start to feel ill. The original research: A similar study...

Grain Mountain Amidst Food Insecurity

The official stock of food-grain with the Food Corporation of India stood at 77.7 million tonnes as of March 1. This includes 27.5 million tonnes of wheat and 50.2 million tonnes of rice. The rice estimate includes a significant quantity of unmilled paddy. This mountain of grain is among the...

Covid-19: Transnational Cooperation and the Epistemic Community

By Dr Rajesh Basrur Summary: The scientific community is critical to the battle against Covid-19. But to strengthen its efforts, we need to go beyond current institutional limitations. President Trump’s announcement that he will withdraw American funding from the World Health Organization (WHO) is unsurprising given the organizations’ failure to...

Perennial Lockdown Is Not a Remedy. India Must Isolate and Insulate

Since March 25, India has been adopted a lockdown strategy in its ‘war’ on COVID-19 and continues to put its faith in it. This fact was confirmed on April 14, when the prime minister in his third address to the nation announced the decision to extend the national lockdown till...

To meet world average, India must add at least 10 lakh doctors to healthcare force

India has long been short of doctors, nurses and hospital beds. And a recent working paper by Shruti Rajagopalan and Abishek Choutagunta of George Mason University’s Mercatus Center reminds us of that. Compared to the world average of 150 doctors per 100,000 people, India has only 86 doctors registered for...

To open or not to open India up: a dilemma that need not be one

As India decides what next after the 21-day national lockdown ends on 14 April, opinions are divided among those who want a phased lifting and those who want to extend it. This reflects underlying differences between those who believe it is worth taking calculated risks to forestall widespread suffering on...
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