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Should India worry about China’s military exercises in Tibet?

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is undertaking more military exercises across all theatre commands, including Tibet,  to be prepared for real-time contingencies. It recently conducted two days and one night, combined armed forces, blue versus red army military exercises in Tibet last week. Its Tibet Military District (TMD) reportedly deployed...

All Things Policy: Guidelines for Cab Aggregators: The good, the bad, and the unnecessary

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has issued new Motor Vehicle Aggregators guidelines. These have some serious implications for companies like Uber and Ola. Rohan Seth talks to Anupam Manur about what the fine print really means for both riders and drivers. Link to the guidelines:

Takshashila Discussion Document – States, Migrant Workers, and the Pandemic

Download the Discussion Document in PDF By Ananya Rao This discussion document examines the assimilation of inter-state migrants in India into their host societies and the factors that facilitate and impede this process. While migrant workers face exclusion in urban centres due to a lack of access to basic services...

Eye on China: Modi’s Visit – APP Ban – HK Law – Bhutan Dispute – CCP@99 – Economic Boost – Xinjiang

Eye on China is a weekly bulletin offering news and analysis related to the Middle Kingdom from an Indian interests perspective. I. India-China Tensions Another extremely busy week with both sides digging their heels in Eastern Ladakh. First, there was another, the third so far, meeting between Lt Gen Harinder...

Tech This Week | Apple v Basecamp: We need to separate gatekeeper from toll collector

This article was first published in Deccan Chronicle. In his book Super Pumped (a biography of Uber), Mike Isaac argues that App Store and Play Store give Apple and Google, respectively, the power to destroy multi-billion dollar companies. So when Travis Kalanick (then CEO of Uber) was charged with breaking some of...

All Things Policy: Cheap Internet

India has one of the cheapest internet rates in the world. One gigabyte of data can cost as little as ₹18, while in other countries it may run into hundreds of rupees. How is this possible? Anupam Manur talks to two students of Takshashila’s Post-Graduate Programme, Kaushal Oza and Shruthi...

The PLA Insight: Issue 54: De-cluttering the recent Sino-Indian Border Scuffles: What happened & Why; Nuclear Warheads; Ambiguous Missile Strategy

I. The Big Story: De-cluttering the recent Sino-Indian Border Scuffles Multiple events have happened over the last three weeks along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), leading to the current tensions between India and the People’s Republic of China (PRC). This section first explains what has happened between the two countries,...

Viability Rating of Technological Interventions for COVID-19

Viability Rating The Viability Rating of a technological intervention considers its capacity to complement pandemic management with due regard to its population penetration, privacy and effectiveness implications. Technology interventions are  scored on the basis of: Population Penetration: What portion of its serviceable audience1 can the specific measure cater to. Privacy:...

Recommended Draft Space Activities (Regulation) Bill, 2020

Download the recommended draft bill in PDF. Takshashila’s ‘The New Space Policy 2020‘ proposes a clear policy and regulatory structure that paves the way for growth of the nascent private space sector in India, thus contributing towards national development and advancing the frontiers of science and technology. The recommended Draft...
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