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Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace

A new draft resolution focusing on cyberspace is on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly(UNGA)’s First Committee. The resolution is a multilateral international effort to have a consensus on behavioural norms in cyberspace – where plenty of bad actors, both state and non-state may have threatened some countries’...

Esports and China

This article is written by Aditya Sujith Gudimetla, a student of the GCPP (Tech and Policy) course. Views are personal. Many people have never heard of “esports”, although an older generation may know them as video game tournaments. However, unlike playing in a back alley arcade or in a friends house, these...

Takshashila Discussion Document – Navigating the Geopolitics of International Technical Standards for India

Download the Discussion Document  Executive Summary Strategic technologies serve as a fulcrum of geopolitical and geoeconomic rivalries between technologically advanced states. This discussion document addresses the geopolitics of international standard-setting in the context of emerging technologies that require global integration. It also suggests approaches on how India should deal with...

VPNs are very priceless to our nation

This article is written by Aparajith Raman, a student of the GCPP (Tech and Policy) course. Views are personal. In September 2021 a Parliamentary committee signalled its intent to ban Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in India. Doing so will add India to a list joining the likes of Russia, China,...

The geopolitics of the Arctic: What it means for the EU, Russia and India

Read the full article on Hindustan Times Cooperation on researching the melting permafrost in the Arctic region can bring together the EU, Russia and India Read the full article on Hindustan Times

Why India, Taiwan should strengthen ties

As the world gets back on its feet from the Covid-19 pandemic while reeling under a global chip shortage, Taiwan has become an important geopolitical focal point. Taiwan’s stranglehold over the semiconductor industry and its overall technology expertise have demonstrated its strategic importance in the global world order. Taipei’s New Southbound...

(Re)Defining Social Media as Digital Communication Networks

This article originally appeared in TheQuint with the headline ‘We Need a Better Definition for Social Media To Solve Its Problems.’ An excerpt is reproduced here. The Need For a New Term Conversations around ‘social media platforms’ also tend to fixate on specific companies, the prevalence of certain types of information...

Consent in the digital age

One of the hardest parts about working in tech policy is explaining to people what the work entails. Recently, I met a long-lost friend from high school. Like most people who you meet after a while, he ended up asking me what I was working on these days. It was one of those...

Takshashila Discussion Document – India-Russia Space Cooperation: A Way Forward

By Aditya Pareek1 and Dr. Andrey Gubin2 1 Takshashila Institution, Bengaluru 2 Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok Download this Discussion Document as a PDF Executive Summary India – Russia space cooperation in the past includes the USSR launching India’s first few satellites, Rakesh Sharma’s inclusion in a manned Soviet mission, and...

Prospects of Indian and Chinese collaboration with Russia on a Joint Space Station

Read the full Article on Valdai Club India’s strategic rival China has already made advances in maintaining a sustained human presence in orbit and the learning curve for India appears steep. Only collaboration with Russia can give India a leg up and may perhaps be the only path for India...
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