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MisDisMal-Information 35: Of The Crafty World of War Rooms, D.O.O.M., Blurred Lines and Gloomy Races

This is an excerpt from Edition 35 of MisDisMal-Information For the complete edition, go to: Of The Crafty World of War Rooms, D.O.O.M., Blurred Lines and Gloomy Races – MisDisMal-Information Newsletter ( DOOM and The Crafty World of War Rooms Over the last few weeks, it has been hard to miss coverage...

Demand-side Measures for Tackling Electoral Disinformation and Misinformation on Social Media

Legislative Assembly Elections in Tamil Nadu are around the corner, and information on various issues related to the State, local political parties and politicians are surging on social media platforms almost every day. While the availability of information is useful, a lack of understanding about the integrity of the information...

Technology and Geopolitics: An Indian Perspective on the Past and Future

Introduction What is technology? The question appears so banal as to barely require answering. But the question bears tremendous significance for an understanding of human history and of the turbulent geopolitics of our world. In scope, it extends from the cuneiform scrawls of Bronze Age Sumerian scribes to the complex...

How India and Israel can lead the way on 5G collaboration

Despite the evident opportunities, 5G deployment globally hasn’t been without challenges. Superpower competition, costly infrastructure, and slow application development are holding back development. India and Israel can, together, leverage their strengths to collaborate in areas such application development, building networks of trust, and future research and development and unleash the...

Great power but responsibility?

This column was first published in Deccan Herald. Views are personal. In last month’s column, I mentioned that the US and India were likely to update their intermediary liability rules sometime in the future. Intermediary liability laws decide if social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp can be held responsible...

A Space Doctrine for India

Download A Space Doctrine for India as a PDF PREAMBLE 1. India aspires to shape a strategic environment conducive to economic development and the peaceful enjoyment of prosperity. To do so, it must be able to secure its territory, address threats before they reach India’s borders, become a security provider...

MisDisMal-Information Edition 33

This is an excerpt from Edition 33 of MisDisMal-Information:  For the complete edition, go to:  Of Regulating the ‘internet’ this week, climate meme themes The worrying themes of climate memes Cameron Oglesby writes about politically charged memes, especially around climate change [Grist]: Picture this: You’re feeling Zoom-fatigued after a long, stressful day...

Takshashila Blue Paper — A Rare Earths Strategy for India

On the 17th of February 2021, the Takshashila Institution hosted a roundtable with a group of experts from industry, academia, and think tanks to further develop the ideas proposed in our Discussion Document, A Rare Earths Strategy for India.  This Blue Paper consolidates the feedback of the expert group on the...

Killing the Slow Brain

This article was originally published in OPEN magazine. The proliferation of social media presents a clear danger to liberal democracy, free markets, political order and, indeed, to human civilisation. The threat is greater and more urgent than that presented by climate change, Artificial Intelligence, nuclear war, pandemics and terrorism. While...

MisDisMal-Information Edition 32

This is an excerpt from Edition 30 of MisDisMal-Information:  For the complete edition, go to: Of Good(ol’)witch-hunting, Big Tech-whatever information-I-have, Fac-xit and K[r]oopthink Big Tech-whatever I information I have and Good(ol’)witch-hunting I have no doubt you’re already aware of the Delhi Police arresting Disha Ravi from Bengaluru, taking her back to Delhi...
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