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Words in budget speech

Budget speech usually proposes multiple ideas and it is essential for analysts to followup on the actuals – Varun(@_quale) As the current NDA government is about to finish first year in office, social media and traditional media is awash with analysis and comparisons with the previous government. The budget speech is usually...

A Socialist Justification for Market Pricing

As a socialist, welfare State, India needs to obtain the best price for distributing public property like roads   The average Indian is extremely reluctant to pay for parking. He will prefer parking for free on public roads rather than pay for a spot in a parking lot or mall,...

The Filter Coffee | Urdunama: RAWalpindi

So what else is new?  Pakistan claims India’s intelligence agency R&AW is involved in terrorism in Pakistan.  Pakistan’s news media outlets — described often as “vibrant” and “independent” — have very dutifully carried stories of R&AW’s alleged involvement, without asking for evidence to be shared.   Security agencies involved in...

The Pritchett Test for Evaluating Policy Programs

Lant Pritchett urges analysts to ask four basic questions when evaluating policies There is a growing practice of conducting intense policy impact assessments in OECD countries, one which developing countries are trying to emulate. For example, in the EU, every department that wants to propose a policy has to conduct...

Catalyst | The eight-fold path to good public engagement

I was asked to speak at a panel titled “Engaging Policymakers, Journalists and the Public” last week at a conference of think tanks in New Delhi. I primarily spoke about how Takshashila engages the public, especially via blogs, op-eds and social media. Here are those thoughts distilled into an ‘Eight-fold-path’ on good...

Catalyst | Arranging a market for lemons

My fellow blogger Karthik Shashidhar (and his wife Priyanka Bharadwaj) started an interesting conversation on his personal blog on the grand old market in India: arranged marriage. They assert that the arranged marriage market has become increasingly illiquid, and hence unattractive. Both Priyanka and Karthik raise an important point that can look obvious in hindsight...

Terra Nullius | A State that counts

Pakistan needs tangible numbers that prove the existence of its citizens. The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has recently approved a timeline to hold the population and housing census in Pakistan, in March 2016. The preliminary data will be completed by June 2016, while the district wise data reports, will be completed by...

Terra Nullius | The Amendment to the JJ Act

There is still a long way to go for holistic reforms within the Juvenile Justice setup. The Cabinet recently cleared the Amendment to the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of children) Act 2000. This Act is the primary act for all cases of Children in Need of Care and Protection and Children...

Entrepreneurship and public policy

The Indian media is awash with news about technology startups and the rise of entrepreneurial activity. However, the hallmark of successful startup ecosystem is the number of other successful startups that spawn out of the existing ones. Individuals who work in firms that successfully exploit new market opportunities are usually...

A Practical Solution to a Moral Quandary

Why the judgment of the Bombay High Court in the Aseem Trivedi PIL might provide the way forward on sedition By Madhav Chandavarkar and Sambit Dash Sedition is an extremely controversial law in any country as the need to preserve law and order must be balanced with protecting the freedom...
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