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फायदा अठन्नी का और खर्चा एक रुपये का

कहानी विनिमय लागत (transaction cost) की  — प्रखर मिश्रा (@prakharmisra) और प्रणय कोटस्थाने (@pranaykotas) इस श्रृंखला के पिछले अध्याय में हमने अवसर लागत की संकल्पना को समझा । इस पोस्ट में हम एक और ऐसी लागत से परिचय करेंगे, जिससे हमारा पाला तो हर रोज़ पड़ता है पर हम उससे जुड़े...

Words in budget speech

Budget speech usually proposes multiple ideas and it is essential for analysts to followup on the actuals – Varun(@_quale) As the current NDA government is about to finish first year in office, social media and traditional media is awash with analysis and comparisons with the previous government. The budget speech is usually...

What does it mean to be employable?

Why autonomous universities are essential to harness India’s demographic dividend By Shobitha Cherian   India is currently in an extremely advantageous position, demographically speaking. Half of its burgeoning population of 1.27 billion people is comprised of individuals under the age of 25 and a quarter of the increase in the...

The devil is not in the detail

From an Indian standpoint, what matters is the big picture that emerges from the Seymour Hersh report controversy by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) A report by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has stirred up the proverbial hornet’s nest. Considering the speculative nature of the report, and the uncomfortable situation that it puts...

A Socialist Justification for Market Pricing

As a socialist, welfare State, India needs to obtain the best price for distributing public property like roads   The average Indian is extremely reluctant to pay for parking. He will prefer parking for free on public roads rather than pay for a spot in a parking lot or mall,...

The Filter Coffee | Urdunama: RAWalpindi

So what else is new?  Pakistan claims India’s intelligence agency R&AW is involved in terrorism in Pakistan.  Pakistan’s news media outlets — described often as “vibrant” and “independent” — have very dutifully carried stories of R&AW’s alleged involvement, without asking for evidence to be shared.   Security agencies involved in...

Unionisation of the IT industry

Unionisation of the IT workforce can potentially cause the Indian IT sector to fall behind other emerging markets – Varun Ramachandra and Gopal Devanahalli In December 2014, Tata Consulting Services, India’s largest Information Technology (IT) services company, laid off 3,000 employees citing poor performance. This has triggered debates about unionisation...

Of third order enclaves and second class citizens

A Constitutional Amendment settling the land border issues between India and Bangladesh will allow the two nation-states to focus on more substantive issues. by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) On 6th May 2015, the Rajya Sabha unanimously passed the Constitutional Amendment Bill, thus rolling out a process that will culminate in giving effect to the...

The Pritchett Test for Evaluating Policy Programs

Lant Pritchett urges analysts to ask four basic questions when evaluating policies There is a growing practice of conducting intense policy impact assessments in OECD countries, one which developing countries are trying to emulate. For example, in the EU, every department that wants to propose a policy has to conduct...

Catalyst | The eight-fold path to good public engagement

I was asked to speak at a panel titled “Engaging Policymakers, Journalists and the Public” last week at a conference of think tanks in New Delhi. I primarily spoke about how Takshashila engages the public, especially via blogs, op-eds and social media. Here are those thoughts distilled into an ‘Eight-fold-path’ on good...
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