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Industrial Policies Alone Cannot Give Desired Results in Tech Sector

The India Cellular and Electronics Industry (ICEA) recently released a report detailing the effects of import tariffs on the domestic electronics industry. Currently, India’s import tariff rate for electronic and technology goods is much more than those of competing countries like China and Vietnam. This has been on the back...

Revisiting India’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Incentives

History of Semiconductor Manufacturing Incentives Pre-2019 2019 to 2021 Capital Expenditure   20% financial incentive of total capital expenditure  25% financial incentive of total capital expenditure (includes R&D) Basic Custom Duties (BCDs) Exemption of BCDs for non-covered capital goods Exemption of BCDs for all capital goods used for setting up fabs...

Are Government’s New Schemes For Semiconductors Enough To Make India Atmanirbhar?

The carnage witnessed across industries over the shortage of chips has spotlighted the need to establish a robust semiconductor ecosystem in India. Several sectors, including electronics, auto and medical technology, have been severely hit by the scarcity of chips that are manufactured mainly in East Asia. Against this backdrop, the...

Assessing GoI’s Four Schemes for Building a Semiconductor Ecosystem

The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), GoI, notified four separate schemes for building a semiconductor ecosystem in India on 21st December 2021, six days after the union cabinet approved the much-awaited ‘comprehensive program for the development of a sustainable semiconductor and display ecosystem’. We had analysed the press...

In Software-obsessed India, Hardware Finally Gets Place in the Sun

The Union Cabinet, on 15th December, approved a much-awaited ‘comprehensive program for the development of a sustainable semiconductor and display ecosystem’. Holding up a silicon wafer and a semiconductor chip, Ashwini Vaishnav, the Minister of Communications and Electronics & Information Technology, outlined the focus areas in a press briefing that’s...

India Needs a 20-Year Semiconductor Strategy

To succeed in semiconductor manfacturing, it is essential to reflect on the difference between being able to manufacture one line of chips and achieving semiconductor self-sufficiency or even becoming a key manufacturer. The current discourse masks this difference. The dominant narrative suggests that India is in a do or die...

The Race for the Domination of AI Chips

With AI and advanced semiconductor technology an integral part of Industry 4.0, the impact of AI chips on the global technology landscape will gradually evolve in the coming decade.  The concept of new applications of semiconductors is gradually emerging and the concept of using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms on high-end chipsets...

The Quad Makes the First Siliconpolitik Move

Summary An earlier paper on ‘Siliconpolitik: The Case for a Quad Semiconductor Partnership’ made a detailed case for a Quad partnership on semiconductors. It argued that the Quad’s technology cooperation agenda should focus on semiconductors due to their ‘metacriticality’. Further, it reasoned that “since each Quad member enjoys a comparative advantage in...

On Semiconductors, India Needs to Reboot Trade Policies, Ecosystem to Build a TSMC

Talks have accelerated between India and Taiwan to build a state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing unit in the country. Reports have indicated that officials from both sides have met regularly to discuss the possible outcomes of Taiwan investing in a fabrication facility in India. The Taiwanese government and its major foundries, which...

Takshashila Discussion SlideDoc – India’s Semiconductor Ecosystem: A SWOT Analysis

Download the PDF India’s Semiconductor Ecosystem: A SWOT Analysis Takshashila Discussion SlideDoc August 2021, v1.0 — By Samparna Tripathy, Anup Rajput, Amol Sarin, and Pranay Kotasthane Executive Summary Technological, geoeconomic, and geopolitical imperatives underlie recent attempts by nation-states to revisit their semiconductor industry policies. India too is in the midst...
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