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VPNs are very priceless to our nation

This article is written by Aparajith Raman, a student of the GCPP (Tech and Policy) course. Views are personal. In September 2021 a Parliamentary committee signalled its intent to ban Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in India. Doing so will add India to a list joining the likes of Russia, China,...

Hand Me the Paper: Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox

To my delight, the newsletter has proven useful to employees at tech companies, digital rights researchers, people who are looking to build a reading habit or looking to learn more about tech policy. If you like the newsletter or find it useful, consider buying me a cup of coffee (or...

A Space Doctrine for India

Download A Space Doctrine for India as a PDF PREAMBLE 1. India aspires to shape a strategic environment conducive to economic development and the peaceful enjoyment of prosperity. To do so, it must be able to secure its territory, address threats before they reach India’s borders, become a security provider...

Takshashila Blue Paper — A Framework for Governing Human Gene Editing in India

Download the Blue Paper in PDF [430 KB] This Blue Paper was prepared as a result of a roundtable discussion organised by the Takshashila Institution on 15 December 2017, based on the Discussion Document: A Framework for Governing Gene Editing. The discussion document developed an analytical framework to differentiate gene...

Takshashila Discussion Document — A Rare Earths Strategy for India

Download the Discussion Document as a PDF. Post-pandemic geopolitical and economic trends offer a precious opportunity for India to emerge as a rare earths supplier for the world. This discussion document lays out a prioritisation framework and a strategy for India to do that. We recommend that the Government of...

Takshashila Discussion SlideDoc — A Strategy to make India a Biotech Leader by 2025

Download the Discussion SlideDoc in PDF The biotechnology and healthcare sectors will underpin India’s effort to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, revive the economy and maintain long-term economic competitiveness. However, key internal challenges including regulatory opacity, supply chain friction, and shortage of quality talent need to be addressed. This document analyses...

A COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Strategy for India

This paper first appeared in Indian Public Policy Review 2020, 1(2): 42 – 58 by Shambhavi Naik, Ameya Paleja, Mihir Mahajan, Narayan Ramachandran, Sunila Dixit, Rahul Matthan, Nitin Pai and Pranay Kotasthane Abstract Deploying COVID-19 vaccines once they are available is going to be an unprecedented administrative and logistical challenge. This...

Takshashila Discussion Document — 5G, Huawei & Geopolitics – An Indian Roadmap

Download the report in PDF This report argues that the Indian government must consider the strategic implications of allowing Huawei to have a role in building and operating India’s 5G network infrastructure. While there exists an economic rationale for providing Chinese telecom vendors access to the Indian market, these benefits...

Takshashila Discussion SlideDoc — A COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Strategy for India

Download the Discussion SlideDoc in PDF by Shambhavi Naik, Ameya Paleja, Mihir Mahajan, Narayan Ramachandran, Sunila Dixit, Rahul Matthan, Nitin Pai and Pranay Kotasthane India should aim to vaccinate 80% of the population by 31st December 2021. There are 4 steps in vaccine deployment: estimate demand, secure vaccine supply, choose...

Takshashila Discussion Document — COVID-19 Testing Strategy for India

Download this discussion document in PDF Executive Summary The rapidly spreading COVID-19 can be contained only with rapid, accurate testing and isolation of infected individuals. Various types of tests are available, but in India, only select tests have been approved for diagnostic purposes. Testing can however be done for purposes...
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