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Takshashila Discussion Document – China’s Nuclear Ambiguity and its Implications for India

Download the Discussion Document in PDF Abstract China’s evolving security dynamics with the United States have compelled it to rethink its nuclear strategy to achieve effective deterrence. It is aiming to modernise its nuclear arsenal and increase its nuclear ambiguity through conventional-nuclear entanglement. Ambiguity will increase the risks of mischaracterisation...

How a new rail line in China will pose a security challenge to India

The Sichuan-Tibet rail link will help China mobilise the 77th Group Army and consolidate its hold on the border defence villages along the Sino-Indian border China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, approved in the recent National People’s Congress’s (NPC) annual session, outlines the Sichuan-Tibet railway line near the China-India border as a...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 92

China-India Brief: Tibet, China-India Nuclear Stability; Military Drivers of BRI; PLA Modernisation 2027; The Philippines-China Stand-off; Taiwan I. The Big Story: China-India Brief There is no information available yet on the 11th round of the Corp Commander-level meeting. After completing the disengagement process from both the north and south banks of...

Eye on China: LAC Caution – Xi’s Cadre Control – Human Rights – Xinjiang Sanctions – Chinese Views on US Policy – Lavrov’s Visit – Tibet Policy

Eye on China is a weekly newsletter that covers news and developments related to China from an Indian interests perspective. I. India-China Ties Let’s begin with reports of the next round of Corps Commander-level talks that are likely to take place this week. Shishir Gupta reports that the talks are “expected to...

The PLA Insight: China-India: NPC & Tibet, Quad, Amb Vijay Gokhale’s Paper; Admiral Davidson’s Testimony; Defence Budget; Xi & the PLA; SCS: Continuity & Change

I. The Big Story: China-India The National People’s Congress (NPC) was concluded yesterday. In this section, I briefly highlight the discussion from the NPC which affects India. 1) NPC and Tibet China should accelerate plans to build a hydropower plant on a river near its disputed border with India, two senior officials said...

The PLA Insight: China-India Dispute; Testimonies: Deterring PRC Aggression towards Taiwan; PLA’s Missile Training Facilities; Near Seas Defense & Far Seas Protection

I. Big Story: China-India Border Dispute The New York Times published a story this week claiming that China was responsible for Mumbai’s October 2020 outage. The report cites a study conducted by Recorded Future, a Somerville, Mass., company that studies the use of the internet by state actors. The company claims...

The PLA Insight: China-India Disengagement; Military Logistics; Training Reforms; The South China Sea; CMC Regulations

Scope: Disengagement at Pangong, 10th Corp Commander-level meeting, diplomacy and military diplomacy, the brink of war, China’s Galwan story, Chinese social media, trade and the future of Sino-Indian relations. Read More

Eye on China: LAC Perspectives – The Longer Telegram – Vaccine Diplomacy – WEF Speech – Tech War

Eye on China is a weekly bulletin offering news and analysis related to the Middle Kingdom from an Indian interests perspective. I. India-China Ties The 9th round of Corps Commander-level talks were finally held last Sunday. These went on for 16 hours apparently and ended with a joint statement being issued. It...

Eye on China: Trade Adjustment – Indo-Pacific – Rule of Law – Cyber Rules – Trump’s Parting Shots

Eye on China is a weekly bulletin offering news and analysis related to the Middle Kingdom from an Indian interests perspective. I. India-China Ties As has been the case since May 2020, let’s begin with the situation in Ladakh, or rather discussions about the situation. India’s External Affairs Minister S...

Journal Article — India’s Theatre Expansion : Use of Sea Power to Balance China’s Rise

In Indian Public Policy Review’s latest issue, I examine the Sino-Indian problems and argue that development and demonstration of maritime power afford India the best way of managing China in the Indo-Pacific region. Link to the journal article
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