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The PLA Insight: Issue no 114

China-India Brief: 13 CC Meeting, Barahoti, Tawang, China’s Kashmir Policy; Taiwan; Shenzhou 13; China’s Engagement in the Arctic; Hypersonic Weapons I. The Big Story: China-India Brief It’s been 14 days since I wrote the previous issue of the newsletter on October 2, 2021. I thought that China’s National Day Golden Week...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 113

China-India Brief, Zhuhai Air Show, Taiwan and China, US Military and the PLA, PLA’s New Joint Doctrine, PLA AF Agile Combat Employment, PLA Promotions I. The Big Story: China-India Brief Seventeen months into the military confrontation, China continues to build more troops shelters as a part of its ongoing military consolidation and upgrade along...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 112

China-India: New Chief for XMD, Cyber activities in India, Doklam; Taiwan; US Gen called his Chinese Counterpart to Avert Conflict; PLA Promotions I. The Big Story: China-India Brief India and China’s Foreign Ministers Dr S Jaishankar and Wang Yi met in Dushanbe last week, ahead of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit....

The PLA Insight: Issue no 111

What and Why of the PLA Promotions: Who got promoted, which positions are due, WTC problem: India or anti-corruption; Hypersonic Missiles; ACE, Bhutan I. The Big Story: What and Why of the PLA Promotions President Xi Jinping promoted five military officers to the rank of General on September 6, 2021. Earlier in July,...

Should India worry about China’s military exercises in Tibet?

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is undertaking more military exercises across all theatre commands, including Tibet,  to be prepared for real-time contingencies. It recently conducted two days and one night, combined armed forces, blue versus red army military exercises in Tibet last week. Its Tibet Military District (TMD) reportedly deployed...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 108

China-India: Gogra, Xinjiang Military Commander, 军事夏令营 (Jūnshì xiàlìngyíng); SCS; Silos: Departure from  Minimalist Policy; Taiwan Ports and PLA I. The Big Story:  China-India Brief China and India have disengaged from the Gogra area in Eastern Ladakh after reaching an agreement during the 12th Corps Commander-level meeting last week. “As per the agreement, both sides have...

PLA Turns 94 And More Threatening Than Ever

 India must be cautious of at least four changes that will impact the border dispute with China The Chinese People’s Liberation Army celebrated its 94th founding anniversary on August 1. Formed in 1927, it has become the world’s largest armed force but it’s no longer a conventional land-centric army. Under...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 107

I. The Big Story: China-India Brief China and India are holding their 12th Corps Commander-level meeting today (July 31, 10.30 am IST). The meeting is being held at Moldo on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The two sides are expected to discuss disengagement at Hotspring and Gogra regions....

The PLA Insight: Issue no 106

I. The Big Story: China-India Brief Xi’s Tibet Visit General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Tibet this week. This is his first visit to Tibet since he started heading the party, state and military. Previously, Xi visited Tibet in 2011 when he was the Central Military Commission’s (CMC) Vice Chairman and the People Republic...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 104

China’s 100 New DF-41 Silos; China-India Brief; Naval and Merchant Ships Magazine; J-20s and CCP Centenary China has begun construction of more than 100 new silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in a desert near the northwest city of Yumen. Commercial satellite images obtained by researchers at the James Martin Center for...
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