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India’s Vaccine Diplomacy should take a Backseat Now

As a major vaccine manufacturer, India is expected to lend its hand to protect global health by exporting vaccines to other nations which are yet to administer vaccination doses to the majority of its population. Sources in the Indian government have mentioned India’s plans to restart the export of vaccines...

AUKUS a game of musical chairs in Indo-Pacific

Read the Full Text on Asia Times The exclusion of France, India and Japan indicates that at the drop of a hat those in the fold may be ousted US should take the right approach with India Previously, the role now to be assigned to AUKUS was envisaged to be...

Gen Rawat’s ‘clash of civilisation’ row shows military should be seen but not heard in press

On September 15, the Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat posed a question before a gathering of Delhi’s strategic community. He asked them, rhetorically, whether China’s growing engagement with Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan would lead to the rebooting of the ‘Clash of Civilisations’ theory with the Chinese and Islamic civilisations joining against the Western world? The query raised by...

China’s ‘Standards 2035’ Project Could Result in a Technological Cold War

The eventual decline of the West’s dominance in the standards domain has offered an opportunity for China to play a bigger role in finalizing and setting technology standards. The Chinese state has gradually increased its technical capabilities and has worked toward strengthening the technology sector in the country during the last two...

How India could get involved in the AUKUS alliance

The newly announced alliance appears to be intended a base for all three states to indulge in defense and technology cooperation and to collaborate on governing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and cyberspace. While India’s involvement in the Quad is needed, there are also pragmatic reasons for India to...

Understanding China’s Draft Algorithm Regulations

Data and algorithms are the fundamental blocks of cyberspace, but while data practices are increasingly being regulated around the world algorithm regulation is relatively untouched. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for example, remains the groundbreaking model for data protection regulations in most parts of the world. However, there...

Takshashila Issue Brief – Biobanking policies in India

By Sunila Dixit1, Priyal Lyncia D’Almeida1, Manjulika Vaz2 and Shambhavi Naik1 1Takshashila Institution, Bengaluru 2Health & Humanities, St John’s Research Institute, St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bengaluru Download this Issue Brief as a PDF Executive Summary Biobanks are set to become the norm as large scale datasets appear...

Book Chapter | Influence and Hedging: China’s Engagement in South Asia

Takshashila’s Manoj Kewalramani and Shibani Mehta of Carnegie India, co-authored a book chapter titled, Influence and Hedging: China’s Engagement in South Asia, in the Routledge Handbook on South Asian Foreign Policy. You can find the abstract of the chapter below: ABSTRACT This chapter argues that China’s deepening engagement in the...

Afghanistan and Pakistan are in a strategic embrace that cannot have a happy ending

A theocratic oligarchy consisting mostly of United Nations-designated terrorists is going to hold the reins of power in Afghanistan. To oversee the formation of an ‘interim’ government, Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence chief Lt Gen. Faiz Hameed had flown to Kabul. The interim government had even been announced but the sudden cancellation of the swearing-in shows there...

MisDisMal-Information 49: Of ‘Batter’ed by rage, Misinforming misinformation and fact-checking by the crowds

This is an excerpt from Edition 49 of MisDisMal-Information For the complete edition, go to: Of ‘Batter’ed by rage, Misinforming misinformation and fact-checking by the crowds – by Prateek Waghre – MisDisMal-Information ( In this edition: ‘Batter’ed by disinformation: Cybersocial attacks on corporates, disinformation-for-hire, everyone is a stakeholder in the information ecosystem,...
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