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Make public India’s doctrine on use of force, it’ll dispel notion that we are non-committal

The strategic community might have received more cud to chew on when an independent and multidisciplinary Indian group released a Discussion Document titled ‘India’s Path to Power – Strategy in a World Adrift’. on 2 October. In 2011, several members of this group were associated with Non-Alignment 2.0. It says: “The guiding premise of the present document is that...

Australia may have opened the door for India. Like Rafale, a submarine deal is critical

Fear, it seems, is the reigning global emotion and is reflected in innumerable speeches at the seventy-sixth United Nations General Assembly session. The dangers posed to humanity by climate change, extremism, and human and women’s rights violations were seated in the front row of the hall of fear. Cooperation was...

AUKUS a game of musical chairs in Indo-Pacific

Read the Full Text on Asia Times The exclusion of France, India and Japan indicates that at the drop of a hat those in the fold may be ousted US should take the right approach with India Previously, the role now to be assigned to AUKUS was envisaged to be...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 111

What and Why of the PLA Promotions: Who got promoted, which positions are due, WTC problem: India or anti-corruption; Hypersonic Missiles; ACE, Bhutan I. The Big Story: What and Why of the PLA Promotions President Xi Jinping promoted five military officers to the rank of General on September 6, 2021. Earlier in July,...

Should India worry about China’s military exercises in Tibet?

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is undertaking more military exercises across all theatre commands, including Tibet,  to be prepared for real-time contingencies. It recently conducted two days and one night, combined armed forces, blue versus red army military exercises in Tibet last week. Its Tibet Military District (TMD) reportedly deployed...

Quality of India’s military leadership under test. Moral fibre can overcome political bias

The recent news of the Indian Ministry of Defence examining the selection criteria to the higher echelons of the military hierarchy took me back to what I wrote in 2017 – “India’s march to modernity will necessarily involve dismantling entrenched feudalism that privileges birth and seniority over merit. The selection of the senior military...

PLA Turns 94 And More Threatening Than Ever

 India must be cautious of at least four changes that will impact the border dispute with China The Chinese People’s Liberation Army celebrated its 94th founding anniversary on August 1. Formed in 1927, it has become the world’s largest armed force but it’s no longer a conventional land-centric army. Under...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 107

I. The Big Story: China-India Brief China and India are holding their 12th Corps Commander-level meeting today (July 31, 10.30 am IST). The meeting is being held at Moldo on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The two sides are expected to discuss disengagement at Hotspring and Gogra regions....

A Wedge Triangle : Russia Japan and China

The new iteration of Russia’s national security strategy and the latest Xi-Putin joint statement offer important clues to wedges that can be exploited in Russia’s relationship with China and Japan. On 2nd July, President Putin approved a new iteration of Russia’s national security strategy. The overwhelming focus on preserving the...

Technopolitik #3 Of Myths and Delusions – Mirage of high-tech self-sufficiency,Porous Censorship,Emerging tech and risk reduction, 5GW, and Game of drones

Read the full edition and subscribe here Matsyanyaaya #1: High-Tech Self-Sufficiency is a Delusion — Pranay Kotasthane (An edited version of this article first appeared in Times of India Plus on 22nd June 2021) The near-daily cadence of reports highlighting China’s growing technology prowess has set the cat among the pigeons in many democracies....
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