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Improving Greece’s Global Competitiveness

EU’s directives on Energy and Environment put additional pressure on one of the most productive sectors of a weakened Greek economy. By Ratish Srivastava (@socialia13) Eight years since the Sub-Prime Mortgage crisis hit the world economy, Greece still seems to be on a downhill path. EU’s Directives on Energy and...

Giving encryption keys and back-door access to government is paving way to an authoritarian regime

Considering the current state of unaccountability with our government, government’s access to encryption keys and backdoor access inevitably leads to abuse. You’re probably going “that’s too far fetched”, is it really? Last year, the government caused a huge ruckus by releasing a draft National Encryption Policy (NEP), with people calling...

Mythicising China’s strategic behaviour

From great wall to great iron via Sunzi bingfa by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) Because we don’t understand China’s strategic priorities well enough, we often resort to historical antecedents, writings, even quotable quotes (remember Deng Xiaoping’s “lie low”?), to explain China’s strategic behaviour. This reductionist tendency is no longer the preserve...

Need for accountable Indian cities

India needs to increase the accountability of its cities in order to increase their financial independence. In his description of India’s accountability and Governance at London School of Economics publication, Charles Correa, a famous architect and urban planner says: “India has many growth options. It is not dominated by any...

Pakistan’s economic challenge

Thinking beyond CPEC By Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) The Dawn editorial (10th December) makes a case against Pakistan’s overreliance on CPEC to solve its economic woes. there are multiple roads to integration, and placing all the emphasis on CPEC alone risks putting too many eggs in one basket. [The Dawn, 10th...

Attributing Cyber-attacks: The cyclic nature of it

The cyclic nature of cyber-attack attribution and maintaining anonymity online presents a conundrum to the security industry. A few days ago, the Indian Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account appeared to be hacked, followed by dozens of offensive tweets being posted. Within minutes of the first hack, the Twitterati engaged...

Of Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

War has changed. It is no longer about nations, ideologies and ethnicities. It is an endless series of proxy battles fought by man and machine.[1] The above is the opening line of Metal Gear Solid 4, one of the greatest pieces of virtual entertainment. It paints a grim picture of...

What India’s surgical strike achieved, and what it didn’t?

by Pranay Kotasthane (@pranaykotas) Having introduced an uncertainty in its response, it is perhaps better for India to reduce the vulnerability of its military establishments. In the wake of the attacks on the Indian army base in Nagrota, familiar uncomfortable questions have come to the fore: is it the lack...

Beware the security risks before you jump onto digital payments bandwagon

Deficit in cash flow has forced users into digital payments. Without proper precautions and security policies, the highly reactive nature of cyber security leaves us vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Image source: DNA India The whole demonetization of currencies has shaken our country to its core. In the past week, we saw...

The disappearance of the middle ground

By Anupam Manur (@anupammanur) The end result of an acrid political climate, as witnessed in the US and India, could be one of highly populated extremes and a disappearing middle-ground. Dear America, Allow me the liberty to predict what will happen over the next few years. This is not another...
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