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COVID-19 outbreak underlines need for India to develop its own epidemic intelligence service

Recently both WHO and the US have announced the establishment of centres to monitor the emergence and spread of new diseases. WHO’s new Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence in Germany, and the US’ Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics under the CDC system will gather data on emerging diseases and forecast their...

India’s Vaccine Diplomacy should take a Backseat Now

As a major vaccine manufacturer, India is expected to lend its hand to protect global health by exporting vaccines to other nations which are yet to administer vaccination doses to the majority of its population. Sources in the Indian government have mentioned India’s plans to restart the export of vaccines...

Takshashila Issue Brief – Biobanking policies in India

By Sunila Dixit1, Priyal Lyncia D’Almeida1, Manjulika Vaz2 and Shambhavi Naik1 1Takshashila Institution, Bengaluru 2Health & Humanities, St John’s Research Institute, St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bengaluru Download this Issue Brief as a PDF Executive Summary Biobanks are set to become the norm as large scale datasets appear...

Shaping Narratives Through Selective Use of Numbers: A Covid-19 Case Study

Abstract: In the period between March 2020 and May 2021, India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare produced 1,324 press releases, at an average of three per day. At different times, these press releases  provided different numbers relating to the COVID-19 crisis: number of cases, number of recoveries, number of...

How should India’s Vaccine Mandate Policy look like?

The recent wave of Covid-19 infections across the United States has been a setback for employers, schools, and universities who were readying to open their offices and campuses. From a “no mask needed for the fully vaccinated” policy 50 days back to vaccines being made compulsory by both state administrations...

Takshashila Policy Advisory – COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in India

Download the Policy Advisory  Executive Summary  Vaccine mandates are instruments for the government or private institutions to make it compulsory for its citizens/employees/students to be vaccinated for a specific disease in order to avail the benefits and services of the state or the institution. As various countries mandate the use...

The Assisted Reproductive Bill needs a thorough debate of the various medical, legal and ethical concerns it raises before it’s passed

The Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha on September 14th, 2020, and has been listed for debate in the ongoing monsoon session. The Bill aims to regulate the Assisted Reproductive Technology services, prevent misuse, promote ethical practices and, protect women and children from exploitation. Though...

Takshashila Discussion Document – A National Epidemic Intelligence Service for India

Executive Summary The COVID-19 outbreak has demonstrated the need for India to develop its own capacity to assess emerging biological threats. Reliance on foreign inputs led to delayed actions such as airport closures or screening/quarantine of incoming travelers. We propose the formation of an Indian National Epidemic Intelligence Service to...

Digital health cooperation with Israel is in India’s health interest

By Shambhavi Naik and Gedaliah Afterman India’s dramatic surge in COVID-19 cases has refocused the local debate on the mismatch between demand and supply of medical services across the country. This discrepancy is aggravated by local lockdowns impeding access to doctors and fear of infection, as people are encouraged to seek...

The urgent need to address anemia in women in India

by Neha Ramesh and Shambhavi Naik Anemia incidence in India has escalated in 2020, necessitating mechanisms to control its extraneous impact on not just children and adult health, but also to generational productivity. Population-based studies on anemia in India are routinely conducted through the large-scale, multi-round National Family Health Survey...
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