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Algorithmic audits are necessary to protect India’s gig workers

In the past few weeks, anonymous Twitter accounts such as Swiggy DE and DeliveryBhoy have made allegations regarding issues faced by delivery partners of food delivery apps. These include low payouts, opaque payout calculations and alleged cheating, unexplained differences in surge rates, order clubbing and assignments to avoid incentive pay,...

Consumers need to pay more if workers are to be given a fair deal

This article was originally published in National Herald. President Joe Biden’s administration was able to push through a major fiscal package in March worth 1.9 trillion dollars and includes another round of 1400 dollars of stimulus cheques for individual Americans, 350 billion dollars to states and local governments as grants,...

The current national minimum wage of Rs 176 per day must be revised upward

This article was first published in Free Press Journal President Joe Biden’s administration was able to push through a major corona-relief fiscal package this month. It is worth $1.9 trillion and includes another round of $1,400 in stimulus cheques for every American, $350 billion to states and local governments as...

A firebrand farmer leader

During the current farmers’ agitation there was much scorn heaped on a farmer who had the audacity to speak in polished English to journalists. Read more at Mumbai Mirror

The union’s nose truly in states’ tent

When the prime minister announced PM Kisan, which pays Rs 6,000 per farming household per year, it was welcomed by all. It is a direct benefit transfer to those who toil to produce food for us. Where are these farmer households? They are not spread uniformly across the country. So...

Takshashila Discussion Document — COVID-19: Lessons from the US in the Second World War

By Sarthak Pradhan, Anirudh Kanisetti, and Pranav R. Satyanath Download the Discussion Document in PDF This document studies the rapid expansion of industrial capacity in the US during the Second World War to derive lessons for India’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. It provides insights on ramping up...

Takshashila Discussion SlideDoc — A Pathway for Post-Pandemic Economic Reconstruction

By Nitin Pai, Anupam Manur, Sarthak Pradhan, Anirudh Kanisetti Download this slidedoc as a PDF. Executive Summary: The economic response to the pandemic should consist of immediate disaster relief, a stimulus for economic revival, and a multi-year economic reconstruction programme. It must address the simultaneous shocks to aggregate supply and...

Invited Paper— Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Transition to Labor Law Reform: State-Level Initiatives &Informal Sector Labor Relations Hemal Shah, Scholar at the Takshashila Institution The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 50, No. 1, July 2014 Abstract The 1991 economic reforms in India quadrupled growth, but kept good quality jobs stagnant. About 93 percent of the...

Policy Brief—Making India’s Labour Market More Flexible

Making India’s Labour Market More Flexible Hemal Shah, Scholar at the Takshashila Institution This policy brief presents a workable approach to labour reforms, to break six decades of deadlock. These are reforms that can result in marginal progress that can ease the transition to bigger reforms in the future. Small...

Research Report— On Labour Law Reforms in India

Towards greater labour market flexibility: Issues and Options Hemal Shah, Scholar at the Takshashila Institution This report proposes how we could think about a workable approach to labour market reform, different from the polarised debates we have seen so far. It recommends that such an approach could be started by...