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‘Gray zone’ intrigue may derail Russia-Japan cooperation

Read the Full Text of the Article on Asia Times  Rightly or wrongly, Moscow may interpret recent events as ‘war by other means’ waged by US ally Japan Russia and its adversaries are equally obsessed with a full spectrum of “gray zone” activities, including high-tech military, industrial and corporate espionage. While Russia does...

Technopolitik #2 Fog of War – DARPA wannabes, Autonomous Weapons, Influence Operations,and Japan’s Siliconpolitik move

Read the full edition and subscribe here Competitive Advantage: Everyone Wants to DARPA — Pranay Kotasthane Japan. The UK. Germany. Even the US. These countries are now attempting their own versions of the original Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The success of DARPA’s 2013 grant to Moderna for using m-RNA...

Galwan Anniversary – Blinken-Yang Chat – G7 Meeting – Xuanyan Commentaries – Rectification Campaign – Trade Data – Anti-Sanctions & Data Security Laws – Af-Pak Trilateral – Vaccine Diplomacy

Eye on China is a weekly newsletter that covers developments in China from an Indian interests perspective. I. India-China Ties Let’s begin with trade data; this week we learned from China’s General Administration of Customs that trade between China and India soared 70.1 percent in US dollar terms in the...

Five trends in India-China ties a year after the Galwan Valley clash

The June 2020 clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Galwan Valley has frequently been termed as a watershed moment in the history of bilateral relations. The incident marked the first loss of life in conflict along the boundary between the two countries in over four decades. A year...

Technopolitik #1 Information Age Politics Cybersecurity, US-China Tech War, and Internet Models

Read the full edition and subscribe here Cyberpolitik #1: China’s actions create common ground for cooperation — Aditya Pareek China does not shrink from using asymmetric means to achieve its political and geostrategic goals. Cybersecurity is an important emergent asymmetric domain where Chinese, North Korean and Russian grey zone activities have...

Pandemic Diplomacy – Economic Sobriety – Anti-Trust Fines – Biden’s Speech – Yang’s Proposal – A Tougher Europe? – Afghan Troika Talks – Marxism’s Winning

Eye on China is a weekly newsletter that covers China-related developments from an Indian interests perspective. I. Pandemic Diplomacy – The Good, Bad & Ugly Through the week we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly dimensions of the India-China relationship. Let’s begin with the good. Beijing continued its...

Takshashila Discussion Document – Examining Biden’s Evolving Indo-Pacific Policy

Download the Discussion Document in PDF Executive Summary This document discusses the evolution of the US’ Indo–Pacific policy following Joe Biden’s victory in November 2020. We argue that Biden has built on his predecessor’s policies, while making substantive and stylistic adjustments. The US’ approach has expanded beyond military partnerships to...

ISAS Working Paper — Siliconpolitik: The Case for a Quad Semiconductor Partnership

Summary The Quad should make semiconductors a focus area within its expansive technology cooperation agenda. Since each Quad member enjoys a comparative advantage in a specific sub-domain of the semiconductor supply chain, this grouping is well-placed to collaborate. This paper outlines some of the guiding principles and makes specific recommendations...

UK outlines global-focused defense strategy

Britain seeks to remain relevant in a world where it sees threats proliferating, while its finances are shrinking The United Kingdom has outlined a vision for its defense and foreign-engagement priorities in its latest Integrated Review and Defense Command Paper. The paradigm of defense reviews in the UK goes back...

LAC Talks – Commentaries on India – 7 Tigers Taken Down – National Security Day – Tech Rectification – GDP Unpacked – Kerry’s Visit & Suga-Biden Summit

Eye on China is a weekly newsletter that covers developments related to China from an Indian interests perspective. I. India-China Ties There has been commentary and source-based reportage from both sides after the latest Corp Commander-level talks, which I covered last week. First, Shehesh Alex Philip reports for ThePrint that the PLA...
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