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Why India, Taiwan should strengthen ties

As the world gets back on its feet from the Covid-19 pandemic while reeling under a global chip shortage, Taiwan has become an important geopolitical focal point. Taiwan’s stranglehold over the semiconductor industry and its overall technology expertise have demonstrated its strategic importance in the global world order. Taipei’s New Southbound...

Japan aims to toughen up its cybersecurity

Read the full article on Asia Times Tokyo’s draft cybersecurity strategy points to China, Russia and North Korea as threats These consolidated moves on cybersecurity and high-tech cooperation by Japan, unilaterally, bilaterally and in multilateral fora like the Quad are nothing short of impressive. In recent years Japan has also...

AUKUS a game of musical chairs in Indo-Pacific

Read the Full Text on Asia Times The exclusion of France, India and Japan indicates that at the drop of a hat those in the fold may be ousted US should take the right approach with India Previously, the role now to be assigned to AUKUS was envisaged to be...

How India could get involved in the AUKUS alliance

The newly announced alliance appears to be intended a base for all three states to indulge in defense and technology cooperation and to collaborate on governing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and cyberspace. While India’s involvement in the Quad is needed, there are also pragmatic reasons for India to...

Exploring a new geopolitical partnership — the India-Russia-Japan triangle

Read the full article on Hindustan Times It helps that India has strong ties with both Russia and Japan. Delhi shares common security and economic interests with Tokyo, and the two Quad members face a common adversary in China India is looking to make significant moves in an oft-neglected patch...

Case for an India-led Southeast Asian Solar Alliance

“Code Red” is how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned humanity when it came out with its sixth Assessment Report on August 9. Nation-states across the globe have responded to the doomsday prediction with claims of working toward reducing their carbon emissions. The spotlight has indeed been put on alternative...

Japan should think carefully about antagonizing Russia

Read the Full Article on Asia Times The recently published annual Defense of Japan white paper identifies the US as Japan’s “only ally” and the need to protect Taiwan if it is threatened by China. If read between the lines, it is a pragmatic expression of strategic clarity in the post-Shinzo Abe...

‘Gray zone’ intrigue may derail Russia-Japan cooperation

Read the Full Text of the Article on Asia Times  Rightly or wrongly, Moscow may interpret recent events as ‘war by other means’ waged by US ally Japan Russia and its adversaries are equally obsessed with a full spectrum of “gray zone” activities, including high-tech military, industrial and corporate espionage. While Russia does...

Technopolitik #2 Fog of War – DARPA wannabes, Autonomous Weapons, Influence Operations,and Japan’s Siliconpolitik move

Read the full edition and subscribe here Competitive Advantage: Everyone Wants to DARPA — Pranay Kotasthane Japan. The UK. Germany. Even the US. These countries are now attempting their own versions of the original Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The success of DARPA’s 2013 grant to Moderna for using m-RNA...

Galwan Anniversary – Blinken-Yang Chat – G7 Meeting – Xuanyan Commentaries – Rectification Campaign – Trade Data – Anti-Sanctions & Data Security Laws – Af-Pak Trilateral – Vaccine Diplomacy

Eye on China is a weekly newsletter that covers developments in China from an Indian interests perspective. I. India-China Ties Let’s begin with trade data; this week we learned from China’s General Administration of Customs that trade between China and India soared 70.1 percent in US dollar terms in the...
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