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Taliban’s Afghanistan Takeover: Assessment of Regional Powers and Indian Interests

Download this Discussion Document as a PDF Executive Summary This report argues that the Taliban victory in Afghanistan will impact the regional geopolitical dynamics and the interests of major regional powers. During the insurgency phase, most regional powers had maintained differential support to the Taliban to facilitate a common objective...

2021 isn’t Pakistan’s 1971

US secretary of state Antony Blinken’s statement on Pakistan’s “double dealing” in Afghanistan and the consequent need to “review” ties is far from the only trouble Islamabad faces. Never mind rhetoric on the Taliban victory being Islamabad’s own “1971 moment”. Or the recent visit of the ISI chief to Kabul....

Afghanistan and Pakistan are in a strategic embrace that cannot have a happy ending

A theocratic oligarchy consisting mostly of United Nations-designated terrorists is going to hold the reins of power in Afghanistan. To oversee the formation of an ‘interim’ government, Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence chief Lt Gen. Faiz Hameed had flown to Kabul. The interim government had even been announced but the sudden cancellation of the swearing-in shows there...

Organic farming should not be an article of faith

Earlier this month, the Rajapaksa government imposed a state of emergency in Sri Lanka after its bungled response to a brewing foreign exchange crisis cascaded into food shortages. An army general has been put in charge of catching both hoarders of food and holders of foreign currency. Like a Greek...

India must look to BIMSTEC to drive economic growth

The Indian economy had seen sluggish growth even before the pandemic itself. Covid-19 has exacerbated the situation and the floundering economy has not been able to pick up growth as anticipated. There is a need to reinvent the way the economy is functioning to stimulate the necessary growth. India’s role as an...

Climate Change Is the Biggest Threat to Indian Ocean Security

“The Indian Ocean is warming at a higher rate than the other oceans around the world,” revealed Swapna Panickal, a meteorological scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, based on the recently released IPCC report. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the issues...

Anticipating the Unintended edition 141: Pakistan, Afghanistan….Hindustan

Matsyanyaaya #1: What Does Pakistan’s Cadmean Victory in Afghanistan Mean for India Big fish eating small fish = Foreign Policy in action — Pranay Kotasthane (This is a draft of my article which appeared first in Times of India’s Tuesday, August 23rd edition.) Taliban’s takeover of Kabul is forcing India to reassess...

Blending Borders #4

This Newsletter explores ongoing issues and perspectives from India’s neighbouring countries, including – Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Maldives and Afghanistan. In brief – Vaccine updates, India-Sri Lanka-Maldives hold joint maritime exercises, Child labour in Bangladesh’s leather industry, Indo-Nepal rail connectivity, Poverty in Myanmar to double by 2022, Indian...

How India can guard its interests should Kabul fall to the Taliban

As the prospect of Taliban bands fighting their way to Kabul becomes more likely with the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, there is a growing perception in New Delhi that, as a newspaper editorial put it, for India the situation “holds no glad tidings, good options or even a...

Myanmar Coup: India’s Way Forward

The United Nations recently passed a resolution condemning Myanmar’s military leader and calling for a halt in arms sales to the country. It called upon the Myanmar military to respect the results of the general election, to respect all human rights of people of Myanmar and to allow the sustained...
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