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Industrial Policies Alone Cannot Give Desired Results in Tech Sector

The India Cellular and Electronics Industry (ICEA) recently released a report detailing the effects of import tariffs on the domestic electronics industry. Currently, India’s import tariff rate for electronic and technology goods is much more than those of competing countries like China and Vietnam. This has been on the back...

A Four-Point Action Plan For Quantum Technologies

In the 2020 Budget speech, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the National Mission for Quantum Technologies and Applications (NM-QTA) with a total outlay of 8000 crores over a period of 5 years for strengthening the quantum industry in the country. A Lok Sabha question posed in July 2021 enquired the...

10 Mistakes India Needs To Avoid To Better Deal With Its Third Covid-19 Wave

With an exponential rise in the number of cases, it is certain that the next few weeks are going to be challenging and will put our medical readiness and health resources to the test. If we are to avoid a repeat of the devastation of the past two waves, but especially...

Placing Biodiversity At The Centre Of Economic Decision Making

The Biodiversity Act (BDA) of 2002 was a product of India signing the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD). Many industrial and a few research entities have been facing problems related to compliance issues of the access and benefit sharing (ABS) aspect of the Act. This is reflected in legal disputes related...

Revisiting India’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Incentives

History of Semiconductor Manufacturing Incentives Pre-2019 2019 to 2021 Capital Expenditure   20% financial incentive of total capital expenditure  25% financial incentive of total capital expenditure (includes R&D) Basic Custom Duties (BCDs) Exemption of BCDs for non-covered capital goods Exemption of BCDs for all capital goods used for setting up fabs...

Who’s Stopping An Indian Medical Service?

The need for an Indian Medical Service Cadre has been highlighted and discussed multiple times in recent years. The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the urgent importance of the cadre. An Indian Medical Service, comparable to the IAS, IPS and IFS, is necessary to administrate and encourage the delivery of healthcare services...

China At The Border, Hate Inside, National Security Weaponised – India Needs A Reset

Beliefs at the individual and collective levels drive human behaviour. All ideological systems including religion foster belief systems that promise a better future, only if one follows the prescriptions, are hypothetically distilled from human experience and wisdom. The devotees who thronged to Jammu’s Vaishno Devi temple on New Year’s Day could have been driven by the idea that...

Are Government’s New Schemes For Semiconductors Enough To Make India Atmanirbhar?

The carnage witnessed across industries over the shortage of chips has spotlighted the need to establish a robust semiconductor ecosystem in India. Several sectors, including electronics, auto and medical technology, have been severely hit by the scarcity of chips that are manufactured mainly in East Asia. Against this backdrop, the...

Importance of Financial Literacy for Jobs

In today’s commercialised world, basic financial awareness and the ability to use financial products is imperative if one is to keep up with current times. Moreover, sound financial awareness is key to socio-economic well-being and improving confidence of the economy as a whole. The first time Aarushi, a co-author, worked on...

Lessons for India From China’s Technical Standardisation Strategy

China recently released the National Standardisation Development (NSD) Outline, which serves as the first major document in the public domain on the standardisation strategy of the state in the coming years. This serves as a potential road map for the Chinese government and provides a glimpse into its intentions of utilising...
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