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Women in the Workforce

Women constitute half of the Indian population, yet their labor force participation is at 21%. This is shy of being one third of the men’s labor force participation rate that stands at 74.4%. This is an abysmally low number. Various factors drive our low numbers including but not limited to...

Leaked documents open a Pandora’s box of issues

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) is a non-profit organisation based in the United States. It is fully funded by donations, and donor details are available on its website, as are its annual reports. Its 2020 annual report says that its annual expenses were $4.7 million (about Rs 35...

New cities – more jobs

As we drive out of the city, we leave the hustle and bustle behind. There is no more of the incessant honking, the jostling, the sight of beggars, as we quickly turn our eyes away from them and peer into our phones. Ugly buildings and garish shop signs stay behind...

Emigration – Can India fill the world’s vacancies?

Overview Many developed countries in Europe and Asia have an ageing population and a shortage of skilled people to fill vacancies in the workforce. India has a very young population with over 18 million people reaching the age of 18 each year. Can we find ways to encourage and facilitate...

The Murky Waters of Kerala’s Knowledge Economy Mission

The Union, States, and other stakeholders can reap benefits from broad-based employment platforms like the Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission. But for such technological innovations to succeed, they require more nuance, engagement, and diversity at the design stage to cater to the needs of all of Kerala’s unemployed. Read the article...

Organic farming should not be an article of faith

Earlier this month, the Rajapaksa government imposed a state of emergency in Sri Lanka after its bungled response to a brewing foreign exchange crisis cascaded into food shortages. An army general has been put in charge of catching both hoarders of food and holders of foreign currency. Like a Greek...

Anticipating the Unintended: #142 The Games We Play

India Policy Watch #3: Today’s Ehrlichians Insights on burning policy issues in India — Pranay Kotashane We consistently write here on why the oft-repeated narrative that India’s population is the root cause of its ills, is problematic. This week, I came across an excerpt in Jason Crawford’s delightful MIT Tech Review article...

Financing Upskilling – Pay when you are paid

Millions of people across the world lost their jobs as the COVID pandemic raged across the world. No one was spared. From wall street to the streets of Mumbai, there was panic. Suddenly hundreds of millions were working from home as countries locked down and kept people indoors. “Zoom” became...

India must look to BIMSTEC to drive economic growth

The Indian economy had seen sluggish growth even before the pandemic itself. Covid-19 has exacerbated the situation and the floundering economy has not been able to pick up growth as anticipated. There is a need to reinvent the way the economy is functioning to stimulate the necessary growth. India’s role as an...

It makes sense to extract value from underutilized public assets

This article was first published in The Mint. HLL Biotech, a government-owned company, has a state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing plant near Chennai. It has been mothballed since 2012. Last week, the Supreme Court heard a petition pleading the court to direct the government to use it to produce Covaxin, amid the...
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