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Neither MoD nor MHA can resolve the unacceptable state of affairs on Indo-Tibetan Border

The Indo-Tibetan border continues to be actively problematic and the trajectory of the current geopolitical events seem to indicate that politico-military tensions will endure. The lack of progress in the 13th India-China Corps Commanders talks and the two military incidents in Tawang and Barahoti are but symptoms of the continuing tensions....

The PLA Insight: Issue no 114

China-India Brief: 13 CC Meeting, Barahoti, Tawang, China’s Kashmir Policy; Taiwan; Shenzhou 13; China’s Engagement in the Arctic; Hypersonic Weapons I. The Big Story: China-India Brief It’s been 14 days since I wrote the previous issue of the newsletter on October 2, 2021. I thought that China’s National Day Golden Week...

Make public India’s doctrine on use of force, it’ll dispel notion that we are non-committal

The strategic community might have received more cud to chew on when an independent and multidisciplinary Indian group released a Discussion Document titled ‘India’s Path to Power – Strategy in a World Adrift’. on 2 October. In 2011, several members of this group were associated with Non-Alignment 2.0. It says: “The guiding premise of the present document is that...

Japan aims to toughen up its cybersecurity

Read the full article on Asia Times Tokyo’s draft cybersecurity strategy points to China, Russia and North Korea as threats These consolidated moves on cybersecurity and high-tech cooperation by Japan, unilaterally, bilaterally and in multilateral fora like the Quad are nothing short of impressive. In recent years Japan has also...

I could serve the Indian Army thanks to IAF ‘bounce’ party 50 years ago

The 1971 War gifted the 49th Regular Course at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, three additional months of commissioned service. Our commissioning was advanced to 31 March 1972, instead of June that year, to make up for the war causalities. The losses had bequeathed the benefit of early commissioning to...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 113

China-India Brief, Zhuhai Air Show, Taiwan and China, US Military and the PLA, PLA’s New Joint Doctrine, PLA AF Agile Combat Employment, PLA Promotions I. The Big Story: China-India Brief Seventeen months into the military confrontation, China continues to build more troops shelters as a part of its ongoing military consolidation and upgrade along...

Australia may have opened the door for India. Like Rafale, a submarine deal is critical

Fear, it seems, is the reigning global emotion and is reflected in innumerable speeches at the seventy-sixth United Nations General Assembly session. The dangers posed to humanity by climate change, extremism, and human and women’s rights violations were seated in the front row of the hall of fear. Cooperation was...

The PLA Insight: Issue no 112

China-India: New Chief for XMD, Cyber activities in India, Doklam; Taiwan; US Gen called his Chinese Counterpart to Avert Conflict; PLA Promotions I. The Big Story: China-India Brief India and China’s Foreign Ministers Dr S Jaishankar and Wang Yi met in Dushanbe last week, ahead of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit....

AUKUS a game of musical chairs in Indo-Pacific

Read the Full Text on Asia Times The exclusion of France, India and Japan indicates that at the drop of a hat those in the fold may be ousted US should take the right approach with India Previously, the role now to be assigned to AUKUS was envisaged to be...

Gen Rawat’s ‘clash of civilisation’ row shows military should be seen but not heard in press

On September 15, the Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat posed a question before a gathering of Delhi’s strategic community. He asked them, rhetorically, whether China’s growing engagement with Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan would lead to the rebooting of the ‘Clash of Civilisations’ theory with the Chinese and Islamic civilisations joining against the Western world? The query raised by...
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