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Russian energy industry makes new social media connection

Read the full article on Asia Times The pivot to clean-energy exports is behind VK changing hands  Russia’s energy industry currently brings in a major chunk of state revenue and is tied to common prosperity and employment in the Russian economy. Although a willingness eventually to phase out hydrocarbons now...

Why China’s Quest to Dominate Global Tech Standards Looks Far-fetched

The rise of China’s technological growth has created ripples in the world technology ecosystem. The global tech markets, which were generally dominated by the West have come under immense geopolitical and geoeconomic pressure due to China’s rapid growth in developing emerging technologies. The Chinese government has created a vision for...

Takshashila Discussion Document – Navigating the Geopolitics of International Technical Standards for India

Download the Discussion Document  Executive Summary Strategic technologies serve as a fulcrum of geopolitical and geoeconomic rivalries between technologically advanced states. This discussion document addresses the geopolitics of international standard-setting in the context of emerging technologies that require global integration. It also suggests approaches on how India should deal with...

Will the Quad Tangle with the O-RAN Alliance?

While China and Huawei may have won the 5G race, all is definitely not lost for those looking to reduce their dependencies on the Chinese telecom infrastructure. Technology was a major area of focus during the first in-person summit held in the United States. The Quad has already created a working...

What Should India Hope to Get Out of its 5Gi Standard Experiment?

While the world was reeling under the COVID-19 pandemic for the majority of 2020, it was a landmark year for the Indian telecommunication industry when the country managed to get a crucial approval from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a specialised UN body responsible for everything related to information and...

Takshashila Discussion Document – 5G, Huawei & Geopolitics – An Indian Roadmap

Download the report in PDF This report argues that the Indian government must consider the strategic implications of allowing Huawei to have a role in building and operating India’s 5G network infrastructure. While there exists an economic rationale for providing Chinese telecom vendors access to the Indian market, these benefits...

Takshashila Discussion SlideDoc – India in the Post COVID-19 World Order

By Pranay Kotasthane, Akshay Alladi, Anirudh Kanisetti, and Anupam Manur Executive Summary COVID-19 is likely to accelerate the competition and confrontation between the US and China, and simultaneously reduce the global authority of both by eroding their absolute power and legitimacy. The relative power scale can tilt in either direction....

Telecom revolution took India to 21st century. The state is taking it backwards

The manner in which the Indian state has treated telecom is indicative of the disdain it has for a sector that has underpinned the country’s rise to an aspiring global power in the last 25 years. If we have to fix the problems we’ve created, it’s important to enumerate the big...

Takshashila Strategic Assessment – The Kra Canal: What Does It Mean For India?

By Manoj Kewalramani, Anirudh Kanisetti, and Kunaal Kini Download the study in PDF A canal along the Isthmus of Kra could alter the strategic calculus for states across Southeast Asia, with China expected to benefit the most. In light of recent discussions around building the canal with the help of...

As China Fights For Huawei, Should India Be Wary of Its 5G Entry?

After the Canadian government arrested Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer and daughter of the founder of Huawei, a Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer, upon an extradition request by the United States, relations between China and Canada have taken a nosedive. In barely concealed retaliation, China arrested two Canadians over the past...
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