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What India Can Bring to COP26

As heads of different states and climate researchers head to Glasgow to attend the 26th Conference of Parties organised by the United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention(UNFCCC), the question of how to tackle the threat of climate change still remains unanswered. The global climate action plan requires a massive revamp,...

Ideology in Xi’s China: The role of nationalism

Through the decades of reform and opening up, the impulse of nationalism dominated popular ideological discourse. It, along with economic performance, served as the key pillars shoring-up the Party’s legitimacy. Two events were decisive in shaping this direction. The first was the Tiananmen Square crisis of 1989, which threatened the...

The role of ideology in Xi Jinping’s China

There is an increasing sense around the world that under Xi Jinping, the Communist Party of China has doubled down on ideology. This is seen as a distinct turn away from the pragmatism that Deng Xiaoping’s reform and opening up had engendered. The argument goes that emerging from the failure...

What I learnt about Digital India when I decided to buy a TV from defence canteen stores

India has seen a dream of Digital India. From the latest science to the latest technology, everything should be available at the tip of one’s finger.’ This is one among the many popular quotes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Eventually, what matters is the ease with which Indian citizens can fulfil their material needs. But unless the...

A ‘bubbles of trust’ approach

An asymmetric globalisation favouring China allowed Beijing to attain power. It is now using that power to undermine liberal democratic values around the world. The Chinese market was never open to foreign companies in the way foreign markets are to Chinese firms. This is particularly true in the information and...

चिनी हालचालींचा अंदाज

भारताच्या सीमेवर चीन जे करीत आहे, त्यामागे अनेक वर्षांचा विचार आणि पुढील अनेक दशकांचा वेध आहे. हा विचार केवळ भारतीय उपखंडाचा नाही, तर साऱ्या हिंद-प्रशांत क्षेत्राचा आहे. भारतालाही भविष्याचा वेध घेत पावले टाकायला हवीत… भारतीय लष्कर आणि चीनची ‘पीपल्स लिबरेशन आर्मी‘ यांच्यात अलीकडे प्रत्यक्ष ताबारेषेच्या चिनी बाजूकडील मोल्डो येथे कोअर...

China’s Hypersonic Weapons

The Financial Times reported this week that China tested a new hypersonic weapons system in August 2021. The missile circled the globe before speeding towards the target. It missed its mark by two dozen miles, however, the test showed astounding progress China has made in developing this technology. Later, the Financial Times reported that...

China’s Border law: The Why, What & What Next

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) passed a new law on October 23 for strengthening China’s border security management. The Land Border Law of PRC aims to improve coordination between the national, regional and local level authorities to maintain China’s national...

Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace

A new draft resolution focusing on cyberspace is on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly(UNGA)’s First Committee. The resolution is a multilateral international effort to have a consensus on behavioural norms in cyberspace – where plenty of bad actors, both state and non-state may have threatened some countries’...

US-China missile rivalry opens up new opportunities for India

China has been showing off its hypersonic missiles for the past several years. That Chinese scientists have been publishing papers reporting their advances in such a sensitive field indicates that Beijing wants the world to know that it is developing these weapons. The US government is quite obviously aware of...
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