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Book Chapter | Influence and Hedging: China’s Engagement in South Asia

Takshashila’s Manoj Kewalramani and Shibani Mehta of Carnegie India, co-authored a book chapter titled, Influence and Hedging: China’s Engagement in South Asia, in the Routledge Handbook on South Asian Foreign Policy. You can find the abstract of the chapter below: ABSTRACT This chapter argues that China’s deepening engagement in the...

Book Chapter— Seeking a Seat at the Table: India Turns to the Arctic

By Aditya Ramanathan This is a draft of a chapter submitted to Handbook on Geopolitics and Security in the Arctic: The High North Between Cooperation and Confrontation, June 2020, Edited by Joachim Weber, ISBN: 3030450058, 9783030450052 Download the book chapter [PDF] India defines its interests in the Arctic as being...

India’s Marathon: Reshaping the Post-Pandemic World Order

India’s Marathon: Reshaping the Post-Pandemic World Order Edited by: Pranay Kotasthane, Anirudh Kanisetti, and Nitin Pai. Contributors: Akshay Alladi, Alok Prasanna Kumar, Ameya Ashok Naik, Anupam Manur, Aparna Pande, Anirudh Kanisetti, Avinash M. Tripathi, Constantino Xavier, Jakob Urda, James M. Dorsey, Kartik Shanker, Manoj Kewalramani, Meera Anna Oommen, Nitin Pai, Pranay...

Between the Buyer and the Seller

Between the Buyer and the Seller By Karthik Shashidhar Edited by Ganesh Chakravarthi Perfect Paperback: 279 pages Publisher: Takshashila Institution (2017) Language: English ISBN-10: 8193197690 ISBN-13: 978-8193197691 Order now About the book Why is it difficult to find Feta Cheese in Bangalore, or mango pickles in Barcelona? Why are tourists encouraged to bargain? Why do...

Book— Distance from Delhi—Essays on Geopolitics, Economics and Public Policy

Distance from Delhi: Essays on Geopolitics, Economics and Public Policy by Anupam Manur, Devika Kher, Karthik Shashidhar, Madhav Chandavarkar, Pavan Srinath, Pranay Kotasthane, Priya Ravichandran, Sarah Farooqui, Rohan Joshi, Varun Ramachandra and Saurabh Chandra Edited by Sarah Farooqui Takshashila Institution Press 2015 ISBN: 978-8193197646 Rs. 295 About the book: India is not New Delhi and New Delhi is not...

Book— A Visible Hand

A Visible Hand by Narayan Ramachandran Edited by Anupam Manur Takshashila Institution Press 2015 ISBN: 978-8193197608 Rs. 295 About the book: A Visible Hand is a collection of essays from Narayan Ramachandran on the intersection of Economics, Politics, and Society. They offer a fresh perspective and original take on many aspects of emerging...

One Rank One Pension – some thoughts

There has been a lot of debate of late on whether veterans should be moved to a “one rank one pension” system. I won’t bother explaining the whole deal here, I’ll let you read this brilliant post by Ajay Shah about the numbers behind the move. Now that the quant...

Book Chapter—Politics of Radically Networked Societies

Networked Societies and Hierarchical States: The Emerging Challenge to Political Order Nitin Pai and Sneha Shankar Conference paper in Promoting Democracy for Creating a Better and Peaceful World: Regional, National and Local Perspectives Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. Read the full paper in PDF [364 KB] Introduction The structure of...

Book Chapter— Promoting human rights in the Indo-Pacific

Book Chapter: Promoting human rights in the Indo-Pacific: Prospects, drivers and constraints by Nitin Pai and Sushant K Singh in Shifting Power and Human Rights Diplomacy: India Amnesty International Netherlands Abstract India can be a partner to governments and organisations seeking to promote human rights in the Indo-Pacific region. Unlike most...

Book— The Economics of Derivatives

The Economics of Derivatives by TV Somanathan and V Anantha Nageswaran Cambridge University Press 2015 ISBN: 9781107091504 Rs. 590 | $85.50 About the book: While most books on derivatives discuss how they work, this book looks at the contributions of derivatives to overall economic well-being. It examines both the beneficial and...
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