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Behind Beijng’s proposal to regulate military applications of AI

China recently submitted a position paper on regulating the military applications of artificial intelligence to the sixth review conference of the United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW). The takeaway from this position paper is that countries should debate, discuss, and perhaps eschew the weaponization of AI. By initiating a discussion...

Needed: Intelligent act to regulate AI

The 41st General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) concluded on 24 November 2021 with a major step on the global development of norms on the use and regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 193 member states of UNESCO signed and adopted the draft AI Ethics...

The Race for the Domination of AI Chips

With AI and advanced semiconductor technology an integral part of Industry 4.0, the impact of AI chips on the global technology landscape will gradually evolve in the coming decade.  The concept of new applications of semiconductors is gradually emerging and the concept of using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms on high-end chipsets...

China Tech Dispatch: Issue 3

Smart Borders, Intelligent Combat, Constructing Future Battlefields, and Hypersonic Missile with AI Smart Borders and Smart Coastal Defence System This week, multiple articles focussed on the construction of “smart borders” and “smart coastal defense system” using advanced technologies. This article advocates the use of new-generation information technologies such as big data, cloud...

India needs a framework to regulate the use of artificial intelligence

The White House Offiice of Science and Technology Policy called for a new Charter of rights for the 21st century last week, aptly titled the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bill of Rights. These rights are envisioned as the first step to ensure the protection of established norms of civil rights, and...

China Tech Dispatch: Issue 2

Smart Brain, Downgrading Operations, and GANs in Future Warfare This week, the PLA Daily carried opinion pieces on asymmetric warfare, intelligent warfare, “language intelligence” and its importance in future warfare, foundational models in AI, and Network Information Security. First, an article in PLA Daily written by scholars from the National University of...

China Tech Dispatch: Issue 1

The First Dispatch – Wuzhen Summit, Zhuhai Airshow, Zhongguancun Forum, and a New Hypersonic Weapon Hello! Welcome to my weekly newsletter China Tech Dispatch. In this newsletter, I bring you weekly updates on China’s science and technology sector, important developments in the tech industry, and relevant ministries of China. This newsletter...

Swooping down on algorithms

China has pursued aggressive measures on the entire gamut of its tech sector in the past few months, ranging from strong-arming IPOs to limiting gaming hours for children. A host of legislative instruments are in the process of adoption. This includes the Personal Information Protection Law, the Cybersecurity Law, and...

Your Fitbit is Going to Replace Clinics near You

First, it was payments and now it’s healthcare. Big Tech in the US and China is revolutionising the health sector, with hundreds of billions of dollars of market share at stake. There are multiple factors that are driving this movement. For starters, there’s the simple need to find new avenues...

How to respond to an ‘intelligent’ PLA

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies over the next decade will have a profound impact on the nature of warfare. Increasing use of precision weapons, training simulations and unmanned vehicles are merely the tip of the iceberg. AI technologies, going forward, will not only have a direct battlefield impact in terms...
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