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All Things Policy: Is India Really Closer to Achieving its Sanitation Goals?

A new WHO report, State of the World’s Sanitation, reveals what progress has been made and what remains to be done. What are the social factors affecting the utilization of sanitation facilities? Is India actually 100% open-defecation free? Shambhavi Naik and Sunila Dixit discuss these questions and more.

World AIDS Day 2020: Despite ambitious global targets, India’s progress in AIDS control falls short in a few crucial aspects

This article originally appeared in Firstpost. Since the inception of the National AIDS Control Program in 1992, India has done a commendable job of raising awareness and of bringing down the number of HIV infections. Still, India has a long way to go in terms of achieving her set targets. Today, on...

All Things Policy: The World Health Assembly Meets Amid a Pandemic

While the pandemic rages on without end, the 73rd World Health Assembly has passed important resolutions relating to vaccination, food security, and other diseases. Manoj Kewalramani and Sunila Dixit talk about the recent resolutions as well as the controversial resolution passed in May calling for an investigation into WHO handling...

Tracking the COVID-19 Vaccine

Tracking the COVID-19 Vaccine By Ameya Paleja To contain the COVID-19 pandemic, India has a mammoth task of vaccinating a major share of her population. At Takshashila Institution, we recently recommended a strategy to vaccinate 80% of India’s population by December 2021. If you missed the engaging discussion during our...

All Things Policy: Pfizer and the Hunt for a COVID-19 Vaccine

What does Pfizer’s announcement about its COVID-19 vaccine mean? Why did Brazil halt China’s SinoVac vaccine trial? When will Serum Institute’s vaccine be ready? Manoj Kewalramani is joined by Ameya Paleja and Sunila Dixit to talk about progress being made towards workable vaccines for COVID-19.

Takshashila Discussion Document – Analysis of COVID-19 Serosurveys in India

Download the Discussion Document in PDF The Union and various state governments have conducted seroprevalence surveys at national and city/state levels to study the spread of COVID-19. We argue The disparity in estimated cases as per seroprevalence studies and actual detected cases is a result of limited testing capacity and flawed...

Why India must vaccinate 80% of population by December 2021 — no matter what the cost

Planning for a national Covid-19 vaccination programme has begun to move forward in right earnest in India. Last week Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan wrote to state governments outlining the administrative structures to be put in place to oversee the implementation in their respective jurisdictions. As of now, the Narendra Modi government...

All Things Policy: The Perils of Stubble Burning

Stubble burning in the states of Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh contributes to air pollution in North India during the wintertime. Sowmya Nandan talks to Sunila Dixit about the causes behind the stubble burning and the policy actions taken by the state governments to curb it.

Shambhavi Naik appeared on “The Roundtable with Priya Sahgal” on NewsX

Shambhavi Naik appeared on “The Roundtable with Priya Sahgal” on NewsX on 30th October 2020. Shambhavi outlined the challenges that a nationwide vaccine deployment campaign is likley to face and provided recommendations based on Takshashila’s policy recommendation document.

Takshashila hosts a webinar on how to vaccinate up to a billion Indians against COVID-19

On 28 October 2020, the Takshashila Institution hosted a webinar on how to vaccinate up to a billion Indians against COVID-19, to discuss the various logistical, administrative, and ethical aspects of vaccinating Indians. The discussion was based on the slide-doc “A COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Strategy for India”, that the team...
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