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All Things Policy: The Virus Ravages West Asia

COVID-19 is taking a terrible human toll in West Asia even as it re-wires the region’s geopolitics in surprising ways. Prateek Waghre talks to Anirudh Kanisetti and Aditya Ramanathan about what India needs to do to minimize the risks to itself and seize new opportunities for cooperation.

All Things Policy: When Will We Get A Vaccine

What are the challenges in developing a vaccine for Covid-19? How soon can we have one? And what if there is none? Shambhavi Naik and Sunila Dixit join Aditya Ramanathan to talk about the treacherous path to a safe and effective vaccine.

All Things Policy: Containing the Misinformation Virus

The spread of misinformation has complicated the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, the misinformation ecosystem has thrived on both the novelty of the virus and pre-existing social biases. In this episode, Rohan Seth and Manoj Kewalramani discuss why we need to re-evaluate the importance we afford to social...

All Things Policy: COVID-19: Crisis or Opportunity?

“Every crisis is also an opportunity,” the old saying goes. Anupam Manur and Pranay Kotasthane have some ideas on when that actually happens – and what opportunities India has during the COVID-19 pandemic. When Does a Crisis Become a Policy Opportunity: ( Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies: ( Diplomacy and...

All Things Policy: The PLA and Covid-19

China claims its military has been unscathed by the novel coronavirus pandemic despite being part of the containment effort. Could this claim be true? Aditya Ramanathan talks to Manoj Kewalramani and Suyash Desai to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the PLA and China’s plans for military modernisation.

All Things Policy: Content Moderation During COVID Times

Less than a year ago, the social media giants claimed that moderating content online was an arduous task. Yet, under the shadow of Covid-19, these companies are successfully removing misinformation from their sites. In this episode, Anirudh Kanisetti talks to Prateek Waghre and Rohan Seth to understand how the tech...

All Things Policy: India’s FDI Dilemmas

Foreign investment will be critical to reviving the Indian economy as the threat from Covid-19 retreats. At the same time, there’s concern about foreign entities picking up undervalued Indian assets. Anupam Manur and Sarthak Pradhan join Manoj Kewalramani to discuss how the government should go about meeting these objectives of...

All Things Policy: A National Reopening Strategy for India

As India prepares to ease lockdown restrictions and restore economic activity, most epidemiological models expect there to be fresh waves of infection over the coming months. A national strategy is needed to manage the risks to lives and to livelihoods and to allow for calibrated responses in response to local...

All Things Policy: Learning From History

The Bengal Famine was one of the worst humanitarian disasters in modern Indian history. What caused the famine and can it tell us how to handle a pandemic today? In this episode, Aditya Ramanathan talks to Anirudh Kanisetti and Sarthak Pradhan about a time when millions starved because of human...

All Things Policy: Price Controls in a Pandemic

Indian authorities have imposed price caps on face masks and sanitisers. Private labs have been told to conduct Covid-19 tests for free. While these measures may be well-meaning, they don’t work, and are already leading to disastrous shortages. Anirudh Kanisetti speaks to Anupam Manur and Shambhavi Naik to understand why.
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