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All Things Policy: Reforming the Power Sector OR Can we have less power cuts?

Reforms are long overdue in India’s power sector. Does the recent draft Electricity Amendment Bill offer viable solutions? Anupam Manur and Sarthak Pradhan discuss the challenges India’s power sector faces and analyze whether the draft bill provisions can address them.

All Things Policy: The Hidden Realities Behind Crime Statistics

What state has the worst crime rates? That’s not easy to tell because crime statistics in India aren’t always accurate reflections of the actual crime situation. In this episode, Sowmya Nandan and Sarthak Pradhan discuss the origins of this problem and how it can be tackled.

All Things Policy: How Can States Help Themselves?

The stalemate between the Union and the states with regards to GST compensation continues. Even if it is resolved, it is going to be a temporary fix. States will need to explore ways to leverage their untapped revenue generation potential. In this episode, Pranay and Sarthak discuss how states can...

GST compensation delay put onus on states to mobilise funds from their own sources better. Here’s what they can do

At the end of a recently held Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council meeting, the finance minister signalled the Union government’s inability to pay compensation to the states, describing the revenue shortfall as an ‘Act of God’ caused by the pandemic. The Union abdicating its responsibility and leaving the states on its...

All Things Policy: Why Neglecting Opportunity Costs Leads to Bad Policy

Opportunity cost is the value of the next best alternative that is foregone when exercising a particular option. Any good public policy needs to take this into account, to avoid an inefficient allocation of scarce resources. Pranay Kotasthane and Sarthak Pradhan discuss the concept of opportunity cost neglect and its...

All Things Policy: How to Increase India’s State Capacity

As India struggles with the COVID19 pandemic, questions about the capacity of the state have come to the forefront. What are the factors which influence state capacity? What can we do to bolster it? Policy wonks Shruthi Badri and Rachit Seth talk to Sarthak Pradhan on the current scenario and...

All Things Policy: Revamping India’s Labour Laws

Labour laws in India are complex and rigid. In the last few months, several state governments have announced changes to these old rules. But are the steps in the right direction? Anupam Manur and Sarthak Pradhan discuss.

All Things Policy: Regulating India’s Wet Markets

While a wet market in Wuhan has become notorious for being the likely place of origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, some of India’s own wet markets are plagued by problems like unhygienic conditions and the sale of endangered species. How can they be regulated? Shambhavi Naik and Sarthak Pradhan talk...

All Things Policy: Reforming India’s Agricultural Markets

Agricultural markets in India have long been characterized by multiple trade barriers and uncompetitive policies. The Union government has passed three ordinances permitting trade outside the physical boundaries of the Agricultural Produce Market Committees, facilitating contract farming and easing restrictions under the Essential Commodities Act. Sarthak Pradhan and Anupam Manur...

All Things Policy: The Puzzle of Tech Clusters

Tech clusters play a leading role in fostering innovation, creating jobs, and attracting investments. In this episode, Sarthak Pradhan and Pranay Kotasthane discuss what makes tech clusters work, whether we have them in India, and what governments can do to encourage them.
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