All Things Policy: The Forgotten Heritage of the Deccan

From the 14th to the 17th centuries, the Sultanates of the Deccan embarked on a remarkable experiment in globalisation and regionalisation. This is reflected in their art, politics, and culture, but especially in their language. Independent researcher and journalist Karthik Malli joins Anirudh Kanisetti for a wide-ranging conversation in the vibrant history of the Dakhni language – still spoken in the Deccan – and what it tells us about the forgotten heritage of the region.

Listen to Anirudh and Aditya’s podcasts on the interlinked destinies of the Sultanates and the imperial city of Vijayanagara on YUDDHA, the Indian Military History Podcast, here: (

Read Karthik’s work on the subcontinent’s linguistic history here:

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