All Things Policy: Great Books From a Year of Reading

2020 has been a strange year. One thing that remained constant at Takshashila was our love for reading. Manoj Kewalramani joins Nitin Pai and Rohan Seth to talk about their reading lists and learnings from tech, policy, fiction, and beyond.

Link to the latest edition of Rohan’s newsletter:

Link to Rohan’s reading list:

Books Nitin talked about:
– Piranesi, Susanna Clarke
– The Maker of Swans, Paraic O’Donnell
– Road Seven, Keith Rosson
– Tyll, Daniel Kehlmann
– Paul Auster, Leviathan
– Ghostwritten, The Bone Clocks, Jacob De Zoet, Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell

Non-Fiction (Pandemic)
– The Rules of Contagion, Adam Kucharski
– Epidemics and Society, Frank Snowden
– Plagues and Peoples, William McNeill

On the China Border & Maritime Issues
– The CIA Polo Papers
– A Nation and its Navy at War, Ranjit Rai
– Operation X, Capt Samant and Sandeep Unnithan

Information Politics
– Future Politics, Jamie Susskind
– The Hacker and the State, Ben Buchanan
– Cyber Strategy, Brandon Valeriano, Benjamin Jensen, and Ryan C. Maness
– The Kill Chain, Christian Brose Diversity
– Diversity and Complexity, Scott E Page Ideas
– The Way of the Bodhisattva, Shantideva
– Ideas, Peter Watson
– Humankind, Rutger Bregman
– The War that Ended Peace, Margaret Macmillan
– Rig Veda, Joel Brereton, Stephanie Jamison

Books Manoj talked about:
– How the Red Sun Rose, Gao Hua
– The Invention of China, Bill Hayton
– Mao’s Last Revolution by Michael Schoenhals and Roderick MacFarquhar

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