All Things Policy: Civilisation: What Ancient Mesopotamia Tells Us about India

The Indian Subcontinent had some of the oldest cities in the world – but we know almost nothing about the urban culture of the Indus Valley, especially compared to its contemporaries in ancient Mesopotamia. In our last episode of 2020, Anirudh Kanisetti and Aditya Ramanathan take a step back to see what the origins of cities, religions, and kingship in Mesopotamia tell us about how Indian civilization might have evolved – from the earliest farmers and towns to the extraordinary empires of Akkad and Magadha, from the nameless early chiefs to the empire-builders, Sargon of Akkad and Ashoka Maurya.

All Things Policy will be back on Monday, January 4th, 2021. We wish a very Happy New Year to all our listeners!

Books mentioned in this conversation:
Paul Kriwaczek, Babylon: Mesopotamia and the Birth of Civilisation
Michael Willis, The Archaeology of Hindu Ritual