A Time to Make Ethical Decisions

A couple checks into a clinic and looks up a menu of options: blue eyes, fair skin, excellent hand-eye co-ordination, good runner, team player. They are opting for the “sportsman” package with a few cosmetic perks for their future child. Having made their choices, they walk away. A few weeks later, their desirable embryo is implanted and nine months later, they welcome the child who they want to be the future captain of the Indian cricket team. Let us look elsewhere in the world: In a hidden laboratory, an evil scientist is creating a super-race with characteristics like immense muscular strength, obedience, quick healing – basically your standard “Wolverine” with the added feature of inherent loyalty. Is this the futuristic scenario that pops in your head when you hear the word ‘germline gene editing’? Some find the power to control our own genes fascinating; others find it repulsive but primarily many fear what this power could do to the human race. But as we worry about whether gene editing will be the bane of humanity, we turn a blind eye to gene editing – the savior of humanity. Read more