India’s Marathon: Reshaping the Post-Pandemic World Order

India’s Marathon: Reshaping the Post-Pandemic World Order

Edited by: Pranay Kotasthane, Anirudh Kanisetti, and Nitin Pai.

Contributors: Akshay Alladi, Alok Prasanna Kumar, Ameya Ashok Naik, Anupam Manur, Aparna Pande, Anirudh Kanisetti, Avinash M. Tripathi, Constantino Xavier, Jakob Urda, James M. Dorsey, Kartik Shanker, Manoj Kewalramani, Meera Anna Oommen, Nitin Pai, Pranay Kotasthane, Raja Karthikeya, Shambhavi Naik, Shruti Rajagopalan, Surya Prakash BS.

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Format: E-Book

Pages: 336

Publisher: Takshashila Institution (November 2020)

Language: English

ASIN: B08NC125Q6

About the Book: The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the world order, with China continuing its belligerent rise, while the US is shackled by domestic tumult. What does such a world mean for India? What must it do to create the post-pandemic world order in its own image?

In India’s Marathon, some of the world’s leading thinkers reflect on these questions and more. For long, India has held great promise and potential. It is time now to fulfill it.

Table of Contents:

Preface by Shivshankar Menon

Introduction by Anirudh Kanisetti, Pranay Kotasthane, Nitin Pai


1. The imperative for a deeper India-US strategic partnership
by Kunal Singh
2. Navigating the China Challenge
by Manoj Kewalramani
3. Paramount to Connect: India as a Regional Power
by Constantino Xavier
4. Towards a New World Order in Eurasia: The 21st Century’s Great Game
by James M. Dorsey
5. An Indian Vision for a Rules-Based International Order
by Ameya Ashok Naik
6. India as an International Peace Mediator
by Raja Karthikeya
7. The Reluctant Giant: Indian Strategic Doctrine, Past and Future
by Aparna Pande and Jakob Urda
8. Small Bets and Radical Moves to Deal with an Uncertain World
by Akshay Alladi

9. How India Can Use Its Numbers
by Shruti Rajagopalan
10. A Liberal Trade Regime in an Uncertain World
by Anupam Manur
11. Reform or Perish: Why India’s institutions will not be able to address future challenges unless they change
by Alok Prasanna Kumar
12. India’s Strategies for Conservation and Sustainability
by Kartik Shanker and Meera Anna Oommen
13. Reimagining How India’s Governments Raise Money
by Surya Prakash BS
14. Economic Strategies for a Resurgent India
by Avinash Tripathi
15. Unleashing of the Life Sciences: What India needs for leading in 2045
by Shambhavi Naik

Conclusion: Locating India, the US, and China in the Current World Order by Pranay Kotasthane, Anirudh Kanisetti, and Nitin Pai
Appendix A: Takshashila’s New World Order Scenarios
Appendix B: India in the Post COVID-19 World Order


“In a ‘things-fall-apart’ world, where the geo-political and geo-economic stakes for an ascendant India are high, this book provides a compelling, out-of-the-box, arresting perspective of what the strategic choices are for the country. Its compass is forward-looking and its intellectual depth is profound as it traverses the key areas of India’s foreign policy engagement. The result is a high-resolution focus that straddles both the regional and global, enabling a clarity of vision and a range of policy alternatives that will strengthen our balancing capabilities in a situation of ‘imbalanced multipolarity’ ”.

– Ambassador Nirupama Menon Rao, former Foreign Secretary

“India’s Marathon is a compelling vision of the challenges that India faces, and the potential it has to overcome them. It presents a clear, bold reform agenda and explains how India can leverage its strengths to influence the global stage while meeting the needs of its citizens. This timely book of the nation’s challenges and opportunities in a post-COVID world will be very insightful to policymakers and business leaders alike.”

– Nandan Nilekani, Chairman and co-Founder of Infosys, Founding Chairman of UIDAI (Aadhaar)

“COVID-19 introduced new unknown unknowns to the known unknowns of the emerging world order of earlier decades. This volume analyses this kaleidoscope of multiple variables and suggests an interesting menu of options for India to expand its footprint in a post-COVID world.”

– P.S. Raghavan, Chairman, National Security Advisory Board

“India’s Marathon: Reshaping the Post-Pandemic World Order is that rare work of policy-oriented scholarship — an ambitious tour of the future that delivers as much as it promises. Here is a truly multidisciplinary vision of
plausible futures in our disrupted world, with an unapologetically India-centric worldview. It identifies how the complex shocks of the COVID-and-after era bring new risks but also fresh opportunities for India to shape the world order in ways that better reflect the interests of this exceptional nation and its one-sixth of humanity. This is a powerful contribution to global understandings of India’s critical place in the story of the 21st century.”

– Professor Rory Medcalf, Head of the National Security College, Australian National University Author of Indo-Pacific Empire

“As the world’s largest democracy, India’s rise as a major global power interests all democracies. This book lays out an India-centric quarter-century strategy for India’s transition to pre-eminence in the post-COVID world. The editors and contributors of India’s Marathon have laid out an elaborate plan of goals and reforms for anyone interested in India’s rise.”

– Husain Haqqani, Former Pakistan Ambassador to the U.S.