Three Takshashila alumni launch an online portal called Policy Wonks

Kunal Singh, Varun Goel and Aravind Ilamaran, three Takshashila alumni launched a new online portal today called Policy Wonks. They describe the portal as:

Policy Wonks is an initiative which attempts to foster quality policy discourse in the civil society. It seeks to generate awareness on the various factors that go into the making of policies. Policy Wonks will try to situate policies within the frameworks that are often neglected thus undermining any serious effort to analyse policies. The frameworks that cut across social, economic and political paradigms often receive a short shrift due to our moral and intellectual lethargy. Policy Wonks seeks to build a platform where policy experts and enthusiasts alike can foster an environment of reasoning conducive to a salutary analysis of policies and their alternatives.

You can visit the website at

Kunal, Varun and Aravind are all alumni of Takshashila’s Graduate Certificate in Public Policy programme.