2Ht2Hndl … Government bans mass SMS

Unless you live in lawless Somalia or parts of Afghanistan, certain personal freedoms are curtailed by all modern states to ensure public security. This raises the question: what is the right balance between public security and personal freedom? Living under the constant threat of terror, the challenge to strike the right balance is even greater for liberal democracies. Security agencies say that certain unavoidable steps have to be taken if we are to be safe. Civil libertarians consider it as an excuse by the government to act like a Big Brother. The subjective nature of the call made by security agencies makes it difficult for the government to make a convincing public case. The debate over Patriot Act or airport security measures in the US is a prime example of the challenges faced by a liberal democracy today. There is also the example of the UK when it stretched democratic norms while dealing with the Irish Republican Army in Northern Ireland.