December 28, 2021


2021 brought two challenges for India. Distrust in global diplomacy and disunity at home

That so much is happening so fast in India’s strategic sphere seems an understatement. The year 2021 witnessed an acceleration of certain trends that had been underway for over a decade. Amidst the swirling clouds of geopolitical frictions at global,...

All Things Policy: The Year Gone By In Tech Policy

 2021 has been very eventful for watchers of Tech Policy developments. Rohan Seth joins Prateek Waghre and Sapni G K to discuss major events and trends in the space and their expectations for 2022. Sign up for Takshashila’s courses-

The Information Ecologist #55

This is an excerpt from The Information Ecologist 54. For the complete edition go to: Of shrinking roads from fear to hate, effects of ‘Votes’App groups, and national security by platform ( Effects of Party Whats(votes?)App Groups 53: Participatory dysfunction was based on a...