December 15, 2021


Prateek Waghre was part of a discussion on misinformation and online harms on Reddit

Prateek Waghre was part of a discussion with Tarunima Prabhakar, research lead at Tattle Civic Tech, on misinformation and online harms on Reddit.

Technopolitik #15

Read the full edition and subscribe here Matsyanyaaya: The US-Australia Quantum Tech Agreement  — Arjun Gargeyas The Quantum race has just heated up. November saw an official agreement between the United States and Australia on quantum technology cooperation. An official...

All Things Policy: Importance of Financial Literacy for Jobs

 The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) describes financial literacy as “a combination of awareness, knowledge, skill, attitude and behaviour necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve individual financial wellbeing.” The economic impact of financial literacy...

Quantum computing: China ahead, US plays catch-up

The shadow of geopolitical competition with China looms large over the recent cooperation agreement on Quantum Science and Technology between Australia and the US. The joint statement identifies Quantum technologies as a “critical emerging technology” while reiterating commitment to “democratic...