November 16, 2021


Sapni GK appeared on All Indians Matter podcast

Sapni GK appeared on All Indians Matter podcast to talk about the Supreme Court’s Pegasus order. You can listen to the full podcast below:  

All Things Policy: Getting Our Feeds In Order

 A bipartisan group of House lawmakers in the US has introduced a bill that would require online platforms to let users opt out of having personal data-driven algorithms select the content they see. The move could spell a significant...

India’s Coal Stance at COP26 was about Money-Party Politics Poses Danger to Long-Term Goals

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, or the COP26, concluded in Glasgow on 13 November. India’s stand on coal birthed a narrative that projected an image of being a ‘hold-out’. China was a hold-out as well, but in terms of...

Why India shouldn’t allow COVID-19 booster dose

The Delta variant caused a fresh wave of Covid-19 infections worldwide, aggravating the global public health catastrophe. The currently available Covid-19 vaccines are effective against the Delta variant, which prompted researchers to evaluate whether booster doses for vaccinated people are...