October 10, 2021


Aditya Pareek got quoted in SputnikNews on India’s space policy

Aditya Pareek got quoted in SputnikNews “The historical neglect and lack of overall financial wherewithal to pursue space warfare capabilities is the reason why India lags. Outer space and in-orbit capabilities are very high-tech and are hard to master. Still, India...

Takshashila’s work on semiconductors quoted in the South China Morning Post

Takshashila’s work on semiconductors was quoted in a South China Morning Post article by Kunal Purohit. You can read the full article here.

China Tech Dispatch: Issue 2

Smart Brain, Downgrading Operations, and GANs in Future Warfare This week, the PLA Daily carried opinion pieces on asymmetric warfare, intelligent warfare, “language intelligence” and its importance in future warfare, foundational models in AI, and Network Information Security. First, an article in...

The Quad Makes the First Siliconpolitik Move

Summary An earlier paper on ‘Siliconpolitik: The Case for a Quad Semiconductor Partnership’ made a detailed case for a Quad partnership on semiconductors. It argued that the Quad’s technology cooperation agenda should focus on semiconductors due to their ‘metacriticality’. Further, it reasoned...