July 29, 2021


Takshashila Issue Paper – India and the Artemis Accords

Download the Issue Paper as a PDF Executive Summary    The United States has signed bilateral agreements, called the Artemis Accords, with 11 other states. The Accords lay down norms for space exploration and are a prerequisite for states seeking...

Manoj Kewalramani appeared on the Pekingology podcast by CSIS

Manoj Kewalramani, joined Freeman Chair in China Studies Jude Blanchette, on the Pekingology podcast. They discuss how and why to read the People’s Daily. You can hear the full podcast below:   

All Things Policy: Making sense of feed algorithms

 Much of our online activity is mediated by algorithms. Whether we are shopping online, binge-watching TV shows, or scrolling through social media, algorithms watch over us and feed us what we see. Algorithmic content curation has associated accountability and...