November 27, 2020


Suyash Desai discussed China’s Nuclear Strategy at CAPS

Suyash Desai served as a research discussant to critique Ms Sanjana Gogna’s paper on China’s Nuclear Strategy on a webinar organised by the Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi, India.

The PLA Insight: PLA’s New Operational Doctrine; Sino-Indian Border Dispute; China & Bhutan; Taiwan; China Reading Thomas Schelling, etc.

I. The Big Story: PLA’s New Operational Doctrine The Central Military Commission issued a new operational doctrine for the PLA which went into effect on November 7, 2020. The latest operation doctrine is called “Outline of Joint Operations for the Chinese People’s Liberation...

All Things Policy: How Effective Are the New COVID Vaccines?

How is vaccine effectiveness calculated? Should ministers be part of vaccine clinical trials? Sunila Dixit is joined by Ameya Paleja and Shambhavi Naik to discuss the latest developments in vaccines to combat COVID-19. Ask us your questions about COVID-19 vaccines...

The wrong way to regulate disinformation

This article originally appeared in Deccan Herald. When the Kerala Governor signed a controversial Ordinance, now withdrawn, proposing amendments to the Kerala Police Act, there was understandably a significant amount of criticism and ire directed at the state government for...