October 13, 2020


Takshashila’s #DeepWebinar on India-Sri Lanka relations reported in Daily News

Takshashila’s #DeepWebinar on India-Sri Lanka relations was reported in Daily News, a Sri Lankan English language newspaper on 13th October, 2020. You can read the report here

Breathe new life into public health. Far too many Indians rely on Baba Ramdev, Akshay Kumar

Media headlines and public discourse might not reflect it, but one of the most important policy priorities for India now and over the next decade is health. The immediate task, of course, is ensuring that we bring the pandemic under...

All Things Policy: The Trials and Tribulations of ASHAs

Why did India’s auxiliary health workers, the ASHAs, go on strike? Sunila Dixit talks to Anirudh Kanisetti about the challenges ASHAs have faced – the increased burden from the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of protective equipment, and delays in salaries...

Design and Construction of Submarines

Some Cutting Edge Features, Technology and Tactics that have their origin in the Cold War and WWII. The following commentary is an effort to connect some dots and put into perspective some information about Design and Construction choices of Submarines...