September 8, 2020


Takshashila Discussion SlideDoc – A COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Strategy for India

Download the Discussion SlideDoc in PDF by Shambhavi Naik, Ameya Paleja, Mihir Mahajan, Narayan Ramachandran, Sunila Dixit, Rahul Matthan, Nitin Pai and Pranay Kotasthane India should aim to vaccinate 80% of the population by 31st December 2021. There are 4...

All Things Policy: Should the Government Collect Health Data?

 The new National Health Data Management Policy creates a framework for collecting citizens’ medical data. Sunila Dixit, Shambhavi Naik, and Prateek Waghre discuss the provisions of this policy, and what it means for health and privacy.

Suyash Desai quoted in the Force Magazine on Gateway to the East: Myanmar is strategically important and India should get a strong foothold in the country

Suyash was quoted in a feature article by Smruti Deshpande in the Force Magazine in September 2020 issue. The article summarises Myanmar’s strategic importance to India and ways in which India could get a strong foothold in the country. Quote...

Vaccinating Indians against Covid? We should be talking days, not years

As the Narendra Modi government’s National Expert Committee on Vaccine Administration deliberates on a vaccination strategy against Covid-19, the single biggest thing it should be wary of is status quo-ism packaged as pragmatism. One thing India is not short of are people...