July 28, 2020


Are we seeing the beginnings of an ‘Indian internet’?

Almost a month ago, the Ministry of Information Technology took the unprecedented step of banning 59 apps/services on the purported grounds that these services were prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India. At the time it was unclear what...
Polar geopolitics

All Things Policy: India’s Arctic Ambitions

Why should India care about what happens in the polar regions? And why has it sought greater influence in Arctic governance? Aditya Ramanathan talks to Anirudh Kanisetti about India’s fascinating history of polar diplomacy.

iPhone 11 is now ‘Made in India’, but Modi govt must see it doesn’t get too taxing for Apple

If you purchased an iPhone 11 recently, chances are that you have in your hands a smartphone assembled in India. After over a year of speculation on whether or not Apple will assemble its top-of-the-line product from a factory in...