July 7, 2020


All Things Policy: Oil Prices and the Hidden Game of Governments

Why are consumers paying more for their petrol and diesel when crude oil prices are low? What do the Union and state governments do to control prices at the pump? Who else benefits? Pranay Kotasthane and Utkarsh Narain discuss.

ICMR should fast track coronavirus vaccine, not for 15 August but for science

There is absolutely no doubt that the world needs a vaccine for the novel coronavirus or SARS-nCOV-2 fast and the country that acquires one first will not only secure health and economic benefits, but gain a geopolitical window of opportunity...

Takshashila Survey – Comparative Study of COVID-19’s Effects on Teenagers in India and The United States of America

Download the Survey in PDF This report, commissioned by the Takshashila Institution, paints a vivid picture of how 2 countries – India and the United States – are dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The analysis investigates the patterns of...