June 19, 2020


All Things Policy: What the Second World War tells us about COVID-19

In the 1930s, the US was an inward-looking country struggling with a collapsing economy and spiralling unemployment. But by 1945, it was on the winning side of the Second World War, manufacturing thousands of vehicles and armaments per month. American...

Manoj Kewalramani interviewed by Boom on India’s economic engagement with China

Manoj Kewalramani was part of a panel discussion along with Gateway House’s Amit Bhandari anchored by Govindraj Ethiraj for Boom, talking about India’s economic engagement with China. Watch the full discussion below.

Responding to the Standoff on the LAC in Ladakh

By The Takshashila Geostrategy Team This graphical representation looks at India’s options for responding its standoff with China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with the People’s Republic of China. Since China has seized territory, it only needs to...

Anticipating the Unintended #43 The China Question + Dispelling The Many Myths Of Our Readers Part #2

This newsletter is really a public policy thought-letter. While excellent newsletters on specific themes within public policy already exist, this thought-letter is about frameworks, mental models, and key ideas that will hopefully help you think about any public policy problem in...