April 30, 2020


States Must Be Given More Ownership of India’s COVID-19 Containment Strategy

COVID-19 has been instrumental in testing the structural cohesiveness of human systems at the global level. Its shadow over India’s federal system is getting longer by the day and could accentuate the tensions that are endemic to it.

Takshashila Strategic Assessment: Impact of COVID-19 on the Chinese Armed Forces

Download the Strategic Assessment document as a pdf Executive Summary This assessment examines the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). We argue that: Claims of zero COVID-19 infections in the PLA do not stand up...

Anticipating the Unintended #29: Make in India = Not (Make in China)?

This newsletter is really a public policy thought-letter. While excellent newsletters on specific themes within public policy already exist, this thought-letter is about frameworks, mental models, and key ideas that will hopefully help you think about any public policy problem in...